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ATW S3.5 Chapter 5: Can’t Let Go

Darion: This is perfect. Sitting here, joking around… I think this is what friendship’s supposed to be.

Rayden: Hi! You must be that one friend of Aidyn’s that he talks about all the time. He says that you look really cool, and you’re really talented at drawing, and… oh wait, he said not to tell you any of that. Whoops.

Aidyn: Why couldn’t you have just stayed in your room and been playing video games instead of embarrassing me? Wait… why am I even embarrassed? It’s not like I did anything wrong… did I?

Darion: Rayden’s definitely talking about someone else. Not me. He would never think any of that about me– how can I be cool or talented at all, compared to him and his siblings? They’re all amazing, but he’s the best of them all.

Regina: Cynthia, you’re getting better at your singing everyday. Now come here and give Mommy a hug.

Cynthia: *giggling* Mom! I’m too old for that!

Darion: Maybe…

Darion: … this is what family is supposed to look like.

Regina: Why does he look so familiar?


Aidyn smoothed out the pieces of paper from his friend’s garbage. Yeah, it was wrong, but he wanted to spend as much time with Darion as possible before the move. After all, they wouldn’t see each other as much anymore– his friend would be going to school in Windenburg instead of Willow Creek. He tried to be as helpful as possible, and when he was told to take out the trash… well, he did, even if it wasn’t to the expected place.

Glancing at each of the scenes, he filled in and corrected some of the dialogue and thought bubbles. He was almost in tears by the time he finished. I have to make sure we stay friends. I can’t let go. Not yet.

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ATW S3.5 Chapter 4: Space Pig to the Rescue

Darion: Why do I feel so weird about going to Aidyn’s house? He’s been to mine, so it shouldn’t be a big deal… right?

Darion: Space Pig, can you take me with you? That way I wouldn’t have to deal with any of this.

Space Pig: But you’d miss Aidyn.

Darion: Yeah, I would… how’d you know that?

Space Pig: You have to do a lot of school before you’re allowed to be a full-fledged astronaut.

Darion: So I guess it’ll be awhile before I go into space, huh?

Space Pig: But what feels wrong about going to Aidyn’s house?

Darion: I guess… really, I’m not sure. I don’t know anything about his family. Like, what if they’re secretly royalty? I wouldn’t know how to act!

Space Pig: But what if they’re not, and they’re actually really nice, and smart, and creative like he is?

Darion: They could be… maybe going to his house wouldn’t be that bad. Thank you.

Space Pig: Don’t thank me– you know you came up with all that on your own.


Darion grimaced. That wasn’t how this was supposed to work– the characters were supposed to stay in the story. What if they demanded to be let out? Left without any other ideas, Darion realized that this would be that part he would have to take with him to Aidyn’s house. He hoped it would be good enough, especially if Aidyn’s mom or one of his siblings wanted to take a look. Nervously, he scribbled out a note to his dad and headed out the door. Aidyn’s wasn’t too far away, so he would walk, and he could always just text his friend if he needed more directions. But he wouldn’t get lost. He couldn’t– not as a future astronaut.

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Memory Lane Challenge

I was nominated for this by CathyTea. Please go check out her stories!

Here’s how this challenge works:

  1. Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for a totally legit award. Get a gold star and stick it on your forehead like a boss.
  2. Share FIVE of your favourite moments from your legacy/challenge/story so far.
  3. Nominate 3-5 blogs to do the same.

I’m not sure that I have a gold star… so let’s move on to number two! I’m pretty sure all of these are from Season 1 of After the Wedding.


Duke and Matias as kids! I can’t believe how long ago this was… and Duke! As a child! He’s older than Matias, so this didn’t last for very long… and now Duke’s a husband and step-father… I think he might have some kids as well, but I’d have to double-check on that.


Hailey’s sunglasses. I’m actually kind of glad that her and Henry David aren’t teens anymore… but at the same time, they’re pretty immature adults. Like, come on, take some responsibility for something.


Annabeth getting rejected by Lester Bond, movie star. His last name wasn’t actually Bond, but it was something close, so I ended up changing it to that. Even though this was only a dream sequence in the story, this actually did happen in-game. I felt really bad for Annabeth, but that’s when I figured out that she fares a lot better when she focuses on one thing at a time. I literally just realized that Mindy’s sitting at the computer in the background… now that’s awkward.


Spencer Kroft… as a child. I can’t believe he actually wore a track jacket– now that he’s a teen, he’s a total geek and very proud of it.


Group homework sessions! Especially in underwear! *cough* Mary Anne *cough* This is probably one of my favorite parts of playing large families– you end up with moments like this where everyone’s sitting around together and doing something like this, and it’s the best thing ever. But wait… there’s an empty chair! Where’s Matias? Uh… I think he’s a baby in this one… or maybe he wasn’t born yet….

And that’s it for our fun little memories! Now onto number three…


For this one I’m going to do a few awesome people from the Writers’ Lounge





Handwriting Challenge

I was tagged for this by CathyTea. Please make sure to check out her stories, as they’re really amazing.

What you do:

  • Write your name
  • Write your blog’s name
  • Write your favorite word and its definition
  • Write something nice
  • Write the name of your favorite song right now
  • What are you writing with?
  • Write a fun fact about yourself
  • Write/draw your favorite emoticon
  • Write a silly message
  • Write who you’re tagging

What I wrote:

  • Write your name: Mackie (aka Pegasus143)
  • Write your blog’s name: MAKPLAYS
  • Write your favorite word and its definition: Family– two or more beings who love one another
  • Write something nice: The sun sets, but it will rise again
  • Write the name of your favorite song right now: For Elise by Saint Motel
  • What are you writing with?: A green Bic pen
  • Write a fun fact about yourself: I have a HUGE space between my big toe and the next one, on both feet
  • Write/draw your favorite emoticon: a big grin with x’s for eyes, which I’ve nicknamed, “Dying of laughter”
  • Write a silly message: Hop on one foot, smile, spin around three times, and… I have no idea what will happen
  • Write who you’re tagging: mastressalita, ny275, allysimbuilds, PatchouliNitt

ATW S3.5 Chapter 3: Sometimes It Hurts

Darion: Boo!

Amy: Hey! It’s not nice to scare a princess!

Darion: Ha! Since when are you a princess?

Amy: Since Daddy called me one last night!

Darion: Well maybe you should go home to your daddy and he can make you feel all better, huh?

Amy: Darion… that sign says not to go in the bush….

Darion: Do you think I care?! Besides, how will they know it’s me that did it? There’s no one else around!

Amy: Gee, you would think my brother raised you in a pigsty or something….

Darion: Ha! You wish.

Amy: Come on, you need to do your homework if you ever want to leave elementary school!

Darion: But I wanna have a little fun while it’s still light out.

Amy: You know what my mom said– “You kids had better not come back to the café until you’re all pooped and you’ve finished your homework, and only then will I give you any food.”

Darion: But she’s nice– she won’t really do that.

Amy: Think again, smarty-pants. Or ask your dad. I bet she did that to him as a kid.


Darion glanced at the newest comic sequence. Aidyn would be really mad at his family now, but they didn’t really do anything wrong… right? He shoved it in his desk drawer, knowing that his best friend wouldn’t go snooping.

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ATW S3.5 Chapter 2: Welcome to the Madness

Chris: Darion, I have a very special friend I want you to meet. This is Anabelle.

Anabelle: Hi, Darion! You seem like a very smart little boy!

Darion: You guessed wrong. I’m an artist, not a nerd.

Chris: I’ll let the two loves of my life get to know each other. Supper will be ready in a bit.

Darion: Really? You’ve never made an effort to hide this kind of thing from me before. Why go to those lengths now?

Anabelle: Aw, come here. You look like you need a hug.

Darion: Yes, but not from you.

Chris: Anabelle, I have a question… will you move in with me?

Darion: You mean us. I’m here too.

Anabelle: Yes.

Darion: Now that the “make a good impression” phase is over…

Anabelle: Your dad must be the best thing that’s happened to you.

Darion: … welcome to the madness.

It’s just dramatized, Aidyn. Calm down. You know it couldn’t have happened this way. You know he isn’t in danger.

Then why do I feel like something’s completely wrong?


The other boy remained silent.

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