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There is exactly one thing from my time before I left for university that I want to change. I know that it will lead me to be happier, and with the new experimental technologies that have been developed, I can go back and try to change it. I just hope that I don’t mess up anything else in the process….

Welcome! This is a sims 2/sims 4 crossover story where my ts2 adult simself attempts to influence my ts4 child simself to try to change something that happens in her high school career that ends up crushing her dreams of living in a mansion with all of her friends where they all live successful lives (that’s just too happy of a story for me). This is a prequel to my simself in After the Wedding.

The title “letters to my younger self” is actually quite misleading, because my ts2 simself never actually writes anything- she’s more like a conscience or “spirit animal” if you will. She also never makes my ts4 simself do anything- she only influences certain emotions and impulses to make them stronger or weaker.

This story will not have a regular update schedule, and instead will be updated whenever I find something new to post as I work through my ts2 gameplay. I’m not sure exactly what might be covered in this, but if anything comes up, I’ll definitely put a warning at the beginning of the letter.

Table of Contents:

Contact #1

Contact #2


Contact #3

La Fiesta Tech



Hot and Cold


A Dream

Pulling up Water




Short Story: The First War

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