Welcome to my first Sims 4 story, which is about one of my first families in the game. There are just a few things you should note before reading:

1. Sometimes I do forget to put the walls up when taking pictures, so I apologize for any cut-away walls.

2. There will be LGBT sims in this- if you don’t like, don’t read.

3. I will put the names of the characters above their heads in pics, and they will be color coded so you can remember who is who.

4. I will post links to the parts here, so you can always come back to this page if you missed something.

Plumbobs and Pegasi for all,


Season 1 (Mary Anne and Mindy):


Chapter 1: Learning About Beatrix

Chapter 2: Regina’s Engagement

Chapter 3: Grieving For Cassandra

Chapter 4: Many Shades of Red

Chapter 5: A Cinderella Story

Chapter 6: Summertime Surprises

Chapter 7: Wait, He’s What?!

Chapter 8: Summer Camp Time

Chapter 9: Tough Choices

Chapter 10: A Flicker and a Drink

Chapter 11: This is the End


Season 2 (Henry David and Hailey):

Chapter 0.5

Chapter 1: The (Good) Cake Thief

Chapter 1.5

Chapter 2: Courage

Chapter 2.5

Chapter 3: An Email from Gabrielle

Chapter 3.5

Chapter 4: Fall For You

Post-Homecoming Special

Chapter 5: Best Brother Ever

Chapter 6: Finding a Solution

Chapter 7: Double Trouble

Chapter 8: The Boyfriend Talk

Chapter 9: Birthday Plans

Chapter 10: May the Force be with You

Chapter 11: High School

Chapter 12: A Poem

Chapter 13: Past

Chapter 14: Peace

Short Story: December Fool’s Day

Chapter 15: The Best Gift

Season 2.5 (Tribute to Larissa):

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Season 3 (All the kids):

Chapter 1: Things Will Get Better

Chapter 2: Prepare for the Worst

Chapter 3: Surprise

Chapter 4: The Most Beautiful

Flashback: Christmas at the Orphanage

Chapter 5: Rumor Has It

Chapter 6: My Only Hope

Chapter 7: City Talks

Chapter 8: Be Like You

Chapter 9: New Faces

Chapter 10: One Last Thought

Chapter 11: Try Again


Season 3.5 (comic by Darion and Aidyn)

Chapter 1: Face Your Fears

Chapter 2: Welcome to the Madness

Chapter 3: Sometimes it Hurts

Chapter 4: Space Pig to the Rescue

Chapter 5: Can’t Let Go

Chapter 6: Home

Short Story: Je t’aime (I Love You Too)

Chapter 7: Knowing, Pt. 1

Chapter 8: Knowing, Pt. 2

Chapter 9: The Story of Tonight

Chapter 10: Vision

Season 4 (Moving on):

Short Story: Life and Love

Chapter 1: Dear Mom

Short Story: Dreaming Again

Chapter 2: Lacie’s Simstagram Feed

Chapter 3: Adoption

Chapter 4: The Letter

Short Story: Together

Chapter 5: Preparation

Chapter 6: 90 Minutes of Love

Chapter 7: Shut Up and Dance With Me

Chapter 8: No Matter How Old

Chapter 9: Larissa’s Letter

Season 4.5 (Those we’ve lost):

Chapter 1: The After

Chapter 2: Code

Chapter 3: Fire

Chapter 4: Past

Chapter 5: Present

Chapter 6: Future

Chapter 7: Time

Chapter 8: Tears

Chapter 9: Dream

Chapter 10: Lights

Chapter 11: Message

Other Resources:

Family Tree (Note: because I update the tree as I play, and not as I write, the tree may contain spoilers for the story)

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