ATW S3.5 Chapter 4: Space Pig to the Rescue

Darion: Why do I feel so weird about going to Aidyn’s house? He’s been to mine, so it shouldn’t be a big deal… right?

Darion: Space Pig, can you take me with you? That way I wouldn’t have to deal with any of this.

Space Pig: But you’d miss Aidyn.

Darion: Yeah, I would… how’d you know that?

Space Pig: You have to do a lot of school before you’re allowed to be a full-fledged astronaut.

Darion: So I guess it’ll be awhile before I go into space, huh?

Space Pig: But what feels wrong about going to Aidyn’s house?

Darion: I guess… really, I’m not sure. I don’t know anything about his family. Like, what if they’re secretly royalty? I wouldn’t know how to act!

Space Pig: But what if they’re not, and they’re actually really nice, and smart, and creative like he is?

Darion: They could be… maybe going to his house wouldn’t be that bad. Thank you.

Space Pig: Don’t thank me– you know you came up with all that on your own.


Darion grimaced. That wasn’t how this was supposed to work– the characters were supposed to stay in the story. What if they demanded to be let out? Left without any other ideas, Darion realized that this would be that part he would have to take with him to Aidyn’s house. He hoped it would be good enough, especially if Aidyn’s mom or one of his siblings wanted to take a look. Nervously, he scribbled out a note to his dad and headed out the door. Aidyn’s wasn’t too far away, so he would walk, and he could always just text his friend if he needed more directions. But he wouldn’t get lost. He couldn’t– not as a future astronaut.

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