Memory Lane Challenge

I was nominated for this by CathyTea. Please go check out her stories!

Here’s how this challenge works:

  1. Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for a totally legit award. Get a gold star and stick it on your forehead like a boss.
  2. Share FIVE of your favourite moments from your legacy/challenge/story so far.
  3. Nominate 3-5 blogs to do the same.

I’m not sure that I have a gold star… so let’s move on to number two! I’m pretty sure all of these are from Season 1 of After the Wedding.


Duke and Matias as kids! I can’t believe how long ago this was… and Duke! As a child! He’s older than Matias, so this didn’t last for very long… and now Duke’s a husband and step-father… I think he might have some kids as well, but I’d have to double-check on that.


Hailey’s sunglasses. I’m actually kind of glad that her and Henry David aren’t teens anymore… but at the same time, they’re pretty immature adults. Like, come on, take some responsibility for something.


Annabeth getting rejected by Lester Bond, movie star. His last name wasn’t actually Bond, but it was something close, so I ended up changing it to that. Even though this was only a dream sequence in the story, this actually did happen in-game. I felt really bad for Annabeth, but that’s when I figured out that she fares a lot better when she focuses on one thing at a time. I literally just realized that Mindy’s sitting at the computer in the background… now that’s awkward.


Spencer Kroft… as a child. I can’t believe he actually wore a track jacket– now that he’s a teen, he’s a total geek and very proud of it.


Group homework sessions! Especially in underwear! *cough* Mary Anne *cough* This is probably one of my favorite parts of playing large families– you end up with moments like this where everyone’s sitting around together and doing something like this, and it’s the best thing ever. But wait… there’s an empty chair! Where’s Matias? Uh… I think he’s a baby in this one… or maybe he wasn’t born yet….

And that’s it for our fun little memories! Now onto number three…


For this one I’m going to do a few awesome people from the Writers’ Lounge






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