ATW S3.5 Chapter 3: Sometimes It Hurts

Darion: Boo!

Amy: Hey! It’s not nice to scare a princess!

Darion: Ha! Since when are you a princess?

Amy: Since Daddy called me one last night!

Darion: Well maybe you should go home to your daddy and he can make you feel all better, huh?

Amy: Darion… that sign says not to go in the bush….

Darion: Do you think I care?! Besides, how will they know it’s me that did it? There’s no one else around!

Amy: Gee, you would think my brother raised you in a pigsty or something….

Darion: Ha! You wish.

Amy: Come on, you need to do your homework if you ever want to leave elementary school!

Darion: But I wanna have a little fun while it’s still light out.

Amy: You know what my mom said– “You kids had better not come back to the café until you’re all pooped and you’ve finished your homework, and only then will I give you any food.”

Darion: But she’s nice– she won’t really do that.

Amy: Think again, smarty-pants. Or ask your dad. I bet she did that to him as a kid.


Darion glanced at the newest comic sequence. Aidyn would be really mad at his family now, but they didn’t really do anything wrong… right? He shoved it in his desk drawer, knowing that his best friend wouldn’t go snooping.

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