ATW S3.5 Chapter 2: Welcome to the Madness

Chris: Darion, I have a very special friend I want you to meet. This is Anabelle.

Anabelle: Hi, Darion! You seem like a very smart little boy!

Darion: You guessed wrong. I’m an artist, not a nerd.

Chris: I’ll let the two loves of my life get to know each other. Supper will be ready in a bit.

Darion: Really? You’ve never made an effort to hide this kind of thing from me before. Why go to those lengths now?

Anabelle: Aw, come here. You look like you need a hug.

Darion: Yes, but not from you.

Chris: Anabelle, I have a question… will you move in with me?

Darion: You mean us. I’m here too.

Anabelle: Yes.

Darion: Now that the “make a good impression” phase is over…

Anabelle: Your dad must be the best thing that’s happened to you.

Darion: … welcome to the madness.

It’s just dramatized, Aidyn. Calm down. You know it couldn’t have happened this way. You know he isn’t in danger.

Then why do I feel like something’s completely wrong?


The other boy remained silent.

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