ATW S3.5 Chapter 1: Face Your Fears

Aidyn: “How do you know so much about Windenburg?”

Darion: “My grandma owns a café here. This way she can keep an eye on us while we play and ‘give Dad a break’.”

Darion: “Oh no! The League of Adventurers is here!”

Aidyn: “Who are they?”

Darion: “A group of kids with these really cool powers that dominate every playground and don’t let anyone else play. They’re led by Queen Elsa, but everyone knows that Mad Max is the real leader. They got playground-married.”

Aidyn: “I think that girl up in the turret spotted us…”

Darion: “That’s not just any girl– that’s Wonder Woman! She’s the strongest of all the Amazons because she’s a demigod! We’ve gotta get out of here!”

Later, on a bench outside the park…

Darion: “We need a plan to get them out of there so we can play. They’ve got so many powers among them that it would be useless to confront all of them at once– we need to do it one at a time. I think we should do Wonder Woman first.”

Aidyn: “What?! Why?!”

Darion: “She’s got this lasso she can use to trap you if she spots you confronting any other members of the League. If we defeat her, we would get that as well as her shield, which would block any attacks when we confront the other members– we don’t want Queen Elsa to freeze us!”

Aidyn: “Are you sure about this?”

Darion: “Yes. The only way we can get what we want is if we face our fears.”

Aidyn: “I still don’t know about this… what happens if Wonder Woman gets us with her lasso?”

Darion: “She won’t– she’s really compassionate, so if we show her that we’re in trouble, she won’t see us as villains.”

Aidyn: “I don’t like this plan, but whatever you say…”

Darion: “Just go with it already! There’s nothing wrong with it!”


Darion: “Come on! Let’s go! And by the way, you’re playing the one that’s in trouble, while I do a sneak attack.”

Aidyn: “Wonder Woman! Help me! I’m… uh… in trouble!”

Wonder Woman: “Oh really? What’s wrong?”

Aidyn: “I… uh…”

Aidyn: “I’m being attacked! By him!”

Darion: “Wait– that wasn’t in the script!”

Wonder Woman: “Hmm… I think you two need a bit more trust in each other before you try to take me down.”

Darion: “I… I’m sorry. I messed up. I should’ve waited until you were confident in the plan before execution.”


Aidyn grinned as he flipped through Darion’s illustrations. “This is great! But… can we make the style a little less sketchy?”

Darion returned his grin. “Definitely!”

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