ATW S3: SimFacts

Warning: This contains spoilers for seasons 2-3 of After the Wedding. If you’re not already caught up, I would highly recommend reading those first, otherwise this probably won’t make any sense to you.

Hi there! First off, I apologize for not doing one of these for season 2– I put it off, intending to do it after season 2.5, and after having to take a break from writing this story due to offline stuff, I never thought about it again. Sorry about that. The good part is that having so much to cover will make this really juicy!

Things that didn’t go well

This past couple of years, in terms of both my writing and personal life, was really all about experimentation for me, which made it really exciting, but of course not everything went perfectly. At the beginning of season 2, I tried out doing “.5” chapters– these were a bit more “slice-of-life” in nature, and though they were really fun at first, eventually they became a chore to make, especially as the school year got under way. The reason why I started them was because I had extra time and some screenshots I liked that didn’t really show anything plot-wise (like the whole set of Rosalynn cooking– those were some of my favorites!). Since these don’t really work for me to publish on a consistent basis, I’ve been playing around with them in other ways– lately I’ve been writing posts ahead of time and scheduling them instead of trying to write them the day they’re supposed to be posted, which is great for working on non-procrastination and reducing stress. I also started “.5” seasons, which allow me to explore specific characters or situations in greater detail, as they’re more focused. This allows me to keep the whole-numbered seasons focusing on broader themes that affect most, if not all of the sims in the save file, and I also get to use screenshot sequences that don’t really fit properly into these themes.

The second thing that didn’t work: the entire homecoming idea. Honestly, I’m not sure why I did it. Reading back through those chapters, the fact that it was homecoming wasn’t even important– Lacie and Nawwaf could’ve snuck off to the library for a reason other than Lacie getting the lowest number of votes for Homecoming Queen. Things might’ve been a bit different if the Prom Mod had been a thing at the time, simply because more gameplay means more screenshots, and more screenshots means more ideas. I also didn’t really like that you didn’t get a feel for what homecoming actually is, besides a football game and a dance, because it’s a lot more than that. Of course, that would’ve taken a lot more planning, posing, etc., which I don’t find super fun when done extensively (both in my own stories and others’). Also, I feel that having this event in the middle of Season 2 took away from the overarching theme of family identity.

Future Stuff, Spin-offs, etc:

I’ve been thinking about these more and more lately, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

Beatrix and her siblings– written story featuring their adventures (and mishaps) on the island.

Matias and his future love interest– written story that should hopefully tie up some loose ends about the universe that I write in

Annabeth, Mary Anne, Mindy, and their kids– Let’s Play about their lives post-After the Wedding

Aleindria and Maia– You probably don’t remember them, but they were characters in a story Regina read to Rayden, which was written by Mortimer Goth. This would be a version of that story, which would be presented in multiple written “Volumes,” and would also focus on other members of the royal family that Mortimer and Bella were supposed to have killed.

Cassandra– story in an unknown format about her childhood at boarding school

My simself– honestly I’m not sure if I’m going to do this or not, but I’ve already started playing it. This would be in the format of a notebook passed around by different characters, and would have appearances by characters from different books, movies, TV shows, video games, etc.

Cynthia– story of unknown format about her rise to fame as a songwriter. Would flesh out some of the details shown in the flash-forward interview

Miss Cross (the orphanage caretaker)– something about how she ended up working at the orphanage. Could potentially be tied in with another spin-off

Family Tree

If you’ve been on the table of contents page recently, you might have noticed that there’s now a warning next to the family tree link about potential spoilers. I’ve been a lot more diligent about updating the family trees recently, and though they still need a bit of work they’re now accurate enough for you to view. The family tree is now hosted on The Plum Tree App, a family tree website designed specifically for sims games. Many thanks to ThePlumbob, author of The Bloomer Legacy, for allowing me to alpha test.

Stuart and Chris

Aka one of the spoilery developments that helped delay this publication XD. Honestly it was a spontaneous thing inspired by a dream I had. Remember how I talked about experimentation earlier? Well, I did it with mods, and their child was the unexpected result. These two have made me cry more than any other character (I’m sorry you lost your spot, Rosalynn). Cry. As in, actual tears were falling out of my eyes. That’s a strange thing to think about, considering that back in middle school time I had taught myself not to cry at anything after an incident in 6th grade where I cried in front of everyone after forgetting the combination for my gym locker. And for anyone who was wondering, no, Chris is not based off a certain Yuri!!!– On Ice character that shares his name and power of seduction (I hadn’t even heard of it when I made him).

Star Wars (aka sibling rivalry)

Everett, I’m so sorry! This topic is a really interesting one to explore, and he’s become one of my favorite characters because of it, and while Emerson did have a redeeming conflict, I still feel really terrible about the entire thing happening. Honestly, the entirety of Season 3 could be summed up with “ageism,” which, as a teenager, is a really relevant topic in my life.

Changes (aka a bunch of randomness that might not even have to do with the story)

For those of you who have been hanging out in the Writers’ Lounge for awhile, you might already know that I’m pansexual and genderfluid. For those of you who don’t… yeah. That’s a thing. Anyways, Matias’ story really helped me figure out my feelings. Stuart and Chris a little bit as well, but definitely Matias more (this is why you shouldn’t ask me to play favorites… I can’t just give you one answer). Thank you for whoever enabled those boys’ hairstyles for girls prior to the gender patch. You’ve impacted my life more than you know. If Matias hadn’t aged up into that hair… things would be very different. For both of us.

For story-related changes, I’m thinking of going through and editing all my posts so they have little buttons (or links, or something) at the bottom for the previous and next chapters for the story. If you’re not quite sure what I mean, check out CathyTea’s Shift for an example of this. It’s one of my favorite stories of hers, though she’s also got a ton of others if that one’s not quite your style. I’m also thinking of editing chapter titles into the table of contents instead of just having chapter numbers. My reasoning for this is, if someone were to just stumble on my blog without a WordPress account and was attempting to read on multiple devices, it would be a lot easier for them to remember where they left off if they had words in addition to numbers. It’s kind of hard not to remember whether or not you read a chapter titled “May the Force Be With You!”

Season 3.5?!?!?!

You’re probably wondering, “What’s next season going to be about?” Here’s your big reveal: Season 3.5 is going to be the comic book that Darion and Aidyn are making, and, if everything goes to plan (which is highly unlikely), the last chapter of the season will be the big reveal for the event I’ve been foreshadowing way too extensively. My apologies. But I’ve been working hard on the comic book and am very excited to show it off (even though it’s basically just edited screenshots). It will premier next week, and I really hope you enjoy it!

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3 thoughts on “ATW S3: SimFacts

  1. Ah! I love the behind – the -scenes look at this ! So many exciting ideas , too! And I’m so grateful and happy that you like Shift. It’s probably my favorite of my own , and for some reason , it feels the most autobiographical . … even though my life events have been nothing like that. Maybe it’s my inner autobiography ! I’m interested in hearing about how Sims have fit into your times of discovery and exploration !

    Liked by 1 person

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