ATW S3 Chapter 11: Try Again

Aidyn: “Do a cannonball this time!”

Darion: “Now I’m gonna try a swan dive!”

Darion: No! Why can’t I do anything right?

Aidyn: “Darion, come on! Grab my hand and I’ll lead you around the pool!

Darion: You know what Dad would say about this. You don’t want word getting back to him, do you?

Darion: “Keep your hands to yourself, or I’ll just keep splashing you!”

Aidyn: “Splashing’s a game for two!”

Aidyn: “It’s getting late… we should probably head in…”

Aidyn: “I’ll race you downstairs!”

Darion: Just one more time… maybe Dad was right, and Aidyn’s just a distraction. But this way… this way, the moon will still see me. The moon will still be able to tell him. Okay, here I go!

Aidyn: “Why’d you jump again without me?!”

Darion: “Why’d you wait? You didn’t have to!”

Aidyn: “I… I was just trying to be nice.

Darion: “I’ve got a deal for you: we put this aside, and you show me how to do that thing with your hair. Deal?”

Aidyn: “I guess.”


Darion awoke, breathing heavily. You’re okay. You’re okay. None of that was real. But why did the moon make itself appear in my dream?

I need to finish the drawings for the comic anyways.

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