ATW S3 Chapter 5: Rumor Has It

Everett and Cynthia crept into the house, setting their backpacks down (gently) on the floor next to the front door. Mindy’s pensive expression and the force of her fingers against her phone screen told the pair that she was their target for today’s mission. They followed closely (but not too closely) behind as she knocked quietly on the bathroom door. Mary Anne opened it, took one look at her wife’s face, and let the other woman in, locking the door behind them.

Cynthia and Everett split up– one blocking the door to the hall and the other to the kitchen– and held their breaths, hoping for some juicy information.

“Mindy, I know something’s up,” Mary Anne said calmly.

“I know, and next you’re going to tell me that I can tell you anything, no matter what it is, but this– this is something that I know you’re not going to be happy about.”

Indecipherable whispering followed. The two spies were about to give up when Mindy started shouting.

“Why am I not allowed to care about my own family?! I know how my brother gets. I might not have been there the first time it happened, but I’m not letting that man get away with hurting him again unless I’m there to protect him! We took in your brother when Henry David and Hailey couldn’t– I don’t understand how this is any different!

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4 thoughts on “ATW S3 Chapter 5: Rumor Has It

  1. Oh, I love the way you wrote this ! I like the cadence with the parenthetical phrases ! Looking forward to seeing where this leads !

    (I forgot about the patch so I’m catching up on reading while it installs!

    Liked by 1 person

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