Letters to my Younger Self: Green

Sunlight filtered through the branches of one of the two large trees in the front yard, dancing around the interior of the car. The eyes of the little girl sitting in the back seat followed it up to the trees, up to the sky, where everything was just a blur, waiting to be discovered.

“My favorite color is green,” she declared proudly. It was the one color surrounding her that she could see in any detail, the one that would never disappear from her life as the seasons changed.

Her mother glanced back at her from the driver’s seat and smiled. “Would you like to play outside?”


Everything was green- leaves, grass, clovers, the shutters of the neighbors’ house across the street.

“Mommy, come play with me!” she demanded as her mother turned to go inside.

“I need to go  make supper- you wouldn’t want to go to bed hungry, would you?”

“No,” she replied dejectedly.

This wouldn’t be the last time she spoke in this tone of voice.


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