ATW S3 Chapter 4: The Most Beautiful


“So is Cadence excited about the SimTube channel?” Mary Anne asked over dinner.

Emerson almost choked on his food. “Wait, Regina talked to you about it that quickly?”


“No- in fact, she already knows that I know about it.”


“So would you like to explain why you didn’t tell me?”

“Uhh… Berjes thought that you and Mindy might not let us do it, so we were going to make Regina convince you. You know how he’s always thinking of the worst possible outcomes of things.”

“Well, I want you to know that it’s always best to tell me things, okay? The worst outcome might not be the thing that happens- you never know.”

Emerson nodded.

“Now finish your food- I have something to show you.”


“Do you see all those stars up there?”

Emerson nodded.

“Those are the most beautiful things in the universe- and anyone can look up and see them. They’re always there, watching over you, even when no one else is. The same stars are in everyone’s sky, no matter where they are.”

“So Cadence will be able to see them?”

“Yes, she will,” Mary Anne replied. And Beatrix too, she added in her head. She remembered when her parents had brought the little girl home from the orphanage- the start of this whole crazy thing. If Beatrix hadn’t been there, Emerson, Berjes, and the triplets wouldn’t have known Cadence and her siblings.

Beatrix was the smartest and most ambitious little girl Mary Anne had ever known, though she had been lied to and cheated out of a happy and loving family. She remembered telling the girl that love could defy death, and in a way it had- just not in the way they had expected: Beatrix’s parents had turned out to not be dead, and Mary Anne had met Cassandra’s ghost.

She had never cried about her parents being dead- she had just went along with it, though she was still more somber than most kids her age were, and made a plan to deal with it. She had been predicted to win homecoming and didn’t. Mary Anne was almost glad that she hadn’t- she most likely would’ve proposed to her king then and there, and who knows how things would’ve turned out then.

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