ATW S3 Chapter 3: Surprise


“I wish Cadence and her siblings didn’t have to leave,” Berjes said as he tried to figure out what Emerson would do if he moved his rook.

“But then we would have to wait until her birthday to give her the surprise! This way, we get to give it to her now!” Emerson replied.

“Boys, are you ready to head over to Regina’s? Emerson, you’re not even dressed yet!” Mary Anne scolded as she stuck her head into the office.

“But Mom, we haven’t even started our game yet!”

“I’m sure they have a chess board at their house.”

“Fine,” Emerson grumbled as he left the room to finish getting ready.

“Berjes, how are you feeling about all of this?” Mary Anne asked once the two of them were alone.

“Uh, fine, I guess,” he replied, hoping that her next question wouldn’t be about the surprise. Emerson and him hadn’t exactly told Mary Anne and Mindy about it and were leaving the job to Regina, who would hopefully be able to convince them.



Emerson and Aidyn went immediately to playing chess while Cadence watched, attempting to learn the rules of the game but still struggling with them.


Meanwhile, Berjes, the only one of the kids with a phone, was tapping the refresh button as fast as he could. Come on, Cynthia, it can’t take that long to type in a few details and hit a button.


Regina knew that the surprise was almost ready, so she went out to the balcony and used Cadence’s boredom to convince her to go down to the dining room with Berjes. Then she turned to the two boys. “Are you guys ready?” They glanced at each other and nodded excitedly.


Rayden scribbled down the instructions for the device he had constructed. He didn’t really have a way to test it, but trying and failing was better than not trying, right?


Cynthia, after triple-checking everything, finally hit the submit button.


Everything was in place. Regina tiptoed into the room with a video camera to capture what was going on.

“Since you’re going leave, and we’re you’re friends and want to stay in touch with you… we decided to create a SimTube channel that we can all upload videos on!”

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