ATW S3 Chapter 2: Prepare for the Worst


Emerson glanced up from his homework to see a familiar figure standing behind him. “Oh, hi, you’re…”

“Rosalynn. Your grandma. You’ve certainly grown up since the last time I saw you- back then, you were just a baby.”

“Oh. Can you help me with this?”

“Sure. What’s your project?”

“It’s about the water cycle- tomorrow in class, my partner and I will be drawing a poster about it. Tonight, I’m supposed to do research about what it is, but Mindy’s at work and Mom went grocery shopping.”


“Hmm…. Let’s see what I can remember- I can’t believe they’re still having you kids do this same project.”

“Who was your partner, Grandma?”

Rosalynn smiled fondly. “Alexander Goth. Your grandpa. My husband.”

Emerson’s scrunched-up face showed her what he thought. “You mean… Darion, the new kid, is the person I’m gonna marry someday?”

“Not necessarily. Your mother worked in a group of three with your Aunt Annabeth and my half-sister, Regina. But now that I think about it… I believe your Uncle Henry David worked with your Aunt Hailey. Matias… now who did Matias work with?” Rosalynn pondered, trying to remember.

“Aww, you don’t need to give me a history lesson. Just tell me how the water cycle works!”

“Are you secretly meeting up with girls already?”

“No! I just want to go outside and play, but I’m not allowed to go out after dark and Mom said that I have to do my homework first!”

“Okay, I understand. Your mother was the exact same way- I was always scrubbing spots of mud out of her clothing when she first started out on the monkey bars, but once she got the hang of it and stopped falling I was rubbing stains out of a lot less of her clothing. Speaking of mud, did you know that it’s actually a mixture of water and dirt? When it dries out, the water is evaporated into the air, and condenses to form clouds…” Rosalynn explained as Emerson scribbled down notes.



“It looks like there’s still plenty of time for you to play. Now give me one last hug before I have to go.”

“I love you Grandma!” Emerson said, wrapped in her ghostly embrace. “See you later!”


Even I can’t prepare them for what’s to come… I’m sorry, my son.

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