ATW S3 Chapter 1: Things will get Better


Someone’s sad- she has a secret


Did something bad but she can’t keep it



Is there someone there to help her through it?


She can’t take back the words

That were not quite true


Even though they hurt

So many more than just you


This isn’t some joke

Its reality


The effect is real

This is reality


The lines of truth and lie

Sometimes get blurry


You know that you’re wrong

But did it out of necesity


But it can get better


It will get better


It has to get better



Interviewer: Today I have with me San Myshuno’s latest up-and-coming songwriter and composer, Cynthia Otto. So Ms. Otto, tell us about your rise to fame in the Fashion District.

Cynthia Otto: Call me Cynthia- Ms. Otto is what people call my mother.

Interviewer: Of course. So tell us about your roots- did you grow up in San Myshuno?

Cynthia: Actually, I didn’t move here until I was an adult. I was born and spent my earlier years in Willow Creek. Later, when I was around eight or nine, I moved to Oasis Springs to go live with my mom.

Interviewer: So your parents were divorced? Was it hard on you, growing up?

Cynthia: Yes, they were. It would have been worse, had I been an only child, but my two brothers made it a lot better.

Interviewer: Ah, protective older brothers!

Cynthia: I was actually the middle child, but not by much- we were triplets.

Interviewer: Tell us about your newest song.

Cynthia: It’s called “Things will get Better” and was inspired by the drama that encompassed my childhood. A lot of the lyrics refer to real events and my thoughts looking back on them.

Interviewer: This song almost seems like it was made for Priessa’s voice- did you have her in mind when you wrote it?

Cynthia: Not really. I wrote the song first, then started looking around for someone who could really bring it to life. That person just happened to be her.

Interviewer: I’m afraid that’s all the time we have for today. Stay tuned next week for our exclusive interview with Priessa as we discuss her singing career and recent Sim Globe nomination!

Author’s Note: I realize that there isn’t a SimFacts post for Season 2, but I don’t think I can trust myself to talk without giving away spoilers! I guess my little tidbit can be that I played through a lot of Stuart’s chapters way back in February. He became a favorite sim of mine to play with when I needed to unwind.

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