Letters to my Younger Self: Hot and Cold

I look up from my computer screen and notice that it’s dark out. Considering that I’ve just finished this family in CAS, I save them to my library and close the game for tonight. As I turn to stand up from my chair, my back rubs against the chair’s back, and I wince. It’s not painful at all, but my back is hot… too hot, considering the clothing that I’m wearing.

As I change into a t-shirt for bed, a quick glance in the mirror confirms my suspicions. My back is red, and I can barely touch it with my hand before feeling like I’m going to burn myself. The first time this happened was back when I was a kid… it also happened to be right after I met her. Maybe that’s why they call it “burning love”, the voice in the back of my head comments, and I almost burst out laughing; the thought is so ridiculous. I never liked the fact that Elsa had ice powers for the same reason: they could always be used as an excuse for whatever was going on in Frozen instead of being seen as the symbolism for what was actually happening. Or at least, what I thought was happening.

Thoughts like these have plagued my mind for awhile- probably since my freshman year of high school. I probably would’ve lost all my friends anyway due to them, even if I hadn’t tried to…

I feel the heat on my back again. Yep, definitely burning love.


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