The Doll House S2 Chapter 7: Memories

08-22-16_7-44-17 PM

It turns out that our “monster” is actually a chinchilla. We put an old blanket and a bowl of water in the fish tank before I sent Elizabeth and Angel off to the library to figure out how to take care of it. I want them to have some responsibility for their new pet if they choose to keep it.

08-15-16_3-15-39 PM

08-15-16_3-21-24 PM

James is getting a lecture from Mom for not doing his chores and Andrew is playing Don’t Wake the Llama with Edward, so I’ve got the day to myself. I decide to work out for a little bit. I’ve been doing that a lot lately so that I’ll still be in shape if I’m allowed to do sports next year. I really hope that the principal will come to his senses and let me play, but in the mean time I’ve been doing as many extra credit assignments as possible during lunch so by some miracle my grades might go up.

08-22-16_7-38-18 PM

Yesterday my English teacher gave me the easiest assignment ever: fetching some papers from the printer. She explained to me that they were for a new club that she wants to form next year, though I didn’t pay too much attention to the details of it. I was attempting to do the extra credit and my regular homework during lunch, so I was rushing quite a bit and accidentally dropped the papers. In my scramble to pick them back up I noticed some of the bolded words that were on them. Almost all of them were ones that I was unfamiliar with. What was this, the “word of the day” club? I was certain that nobody would want to join that club.

08-22-16_8-28-33 PM

After my workout I have the brilliant idea of sending a chinchilla picture to Leticia, but when I get my phone from my room I’m notified that its storage is almost full. I go through my pictures, knowing that there’s quite a few blurry or cut-off ones that can be deleted and realize just how many are of Leticia. I smile at each and every one of them, wishing that I could save them all, though I know that I can’t. My mind wanders through memory lane, and almost all of my favorite memories are with her. That’s when I realize that I don’t just like her as my best friend.



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