ATW S2.5 Chapter 8

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On Saturday, Helen Weeks and Ahio coincidentally came over at the same time. Actually, a lot of stuff happened that day. I didn’t think much of any of it at the time, but I should’ve known better. I could’ve saved someone’s life.

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Let’s go back to the story. It was a lazy Saturday morning and I was woken up when Helen rang the doorbell. I was just heading inside to grab myself some breakfast when Ahio walked over from next door. He had already eaten as well, so I just went inside to grab food for myself. When I got back outside to the porch, Helen explained why she was here.

“As you might know, I’m one of Matias’ classmates,” she explained. “I know that Nawwaf is going to be your step-son pretty soon, and I want to explain what happened according to my point of view. Matias had told me that he wasn’t going to be out to most of the students at first and that he wanted to keep it that way until he got to know people better. The teachers all knew, though. I assumed that he had told this information to everyone else, but I really don’t know if he did or not. On the first day when I saw Matias in class, he was really tense. He told me that Nawwaf had talked to him earlier in the day, out in the hall where there were other people around, and happened to say one thing that pretty much outed him. Matias didn’t tell me what, though. All throughout the day, I swear that everyone was whispering about him. The next day, he was really mad but wouldn’t tell me why. I have a feeling that people were being mean to him, but I don’t know exactly what happened.”

“Thank you for telling me this,” I replied.

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“Oh… well my news is a bit less exciting,” Ahio said. I had almost forgotten that he was there.

“I’m sure it’s still important,” I replied.

“As you know, my family is moving back to the island where I was born at. There’s still a lot that we have to prepare, and we won’t be ready to move right away once the kids get back from camp, so I was wondering if you’d be willing to watch them? It would only be for a couple days, and you wouldn’t have to watch all of them at the same time if you don’t want to.”

“Uh… that would be fine except for the fact that I know nothing about kids.”

“Don’t worry, just make sure that they have some entertainment, snacks, and access to a bathroom and they’ll practically take care of themselves.”

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After that we decided to go swimming in the pool that I just had installed. Joslyn told me that Nawwaf really likes swimming so I figured that I would put one in for him since I had the money. We spent the rest of the morning just swimming around and splashing each other. Afterwords, it was time to go to the community area of our neighborhood for a picnic lunch that Ahio’s family was hosting. It would probably end up being their goodbye party as well.

02-27-16_10-03-59 PM

While Jessica and Beatrix started setting up the silverware and some of the food, I started grilling. While I was doing so, Joslyn stopped by to tell me that she wouldn’t be able to make it for the rest of the picnic. She always does these kinds of things in person, and you always know that she means it. That’s why I love her.

02-27-16_10-04-50 PM

02-27-16_10-06-11 PM

Then everyone else started showing up- Regina, Hailey, Elder, Mary Anne, my sister, Lacie, and Annabeth. The food was good, though Lacie didn’t eat any for some reason. I tried to get to know her since she’s Nawwaf’s girlfriend, but she seemed really anxious about something and wouldn’t talk too much.

02-27-16_10-06-22 PM

Even after eating, we were still having the best time. It turns out that Annabeth isn’t as serious as someone in the business career might be, and I realized why she was so great at raising Matias: she really “got it” and understood him while knowing how to have fun. “Speaking of Matias, where is he?” I asked her.

“He’s watching Regina’s kids,” Annabeth replied. “Don’t ask me why he would volunteer to do that, unless he’s got something planned to do with the money. I don’t know what, though- he knows that if he really wanted something, he could just ask me for it and I’d buy it for him.”

“Who knows? Maybe it’s something that you wouldn’t buy for him- an M rated video game, maybe?”

“No, he’s not that into video games. He’d rather be exercising or painting.”

Mary Anne and Mindy just looked at each other. They’ve got a lot to look forward to when their boys become teens.

02-27-16_10-06-30 PM

Then we heard some very excited squealing coming from the other table.

02-27-16_10-08-09 PM

“Yes!” Hailey shouted.

“What’s up?” I asked her.

“Oh, nothing,” she replied. “We’ll post it on Simbook later if we can make it work.” The smile on her face told me that she’d do anything to make this thing work.

02-27-16_10-07-08 PM

We all sat in silence for a little bit after that. I didn’t want to start speculating about what a family member’s news was, and neither did anyone else. The other thing that stopped me from talking was that I had this growing feeling that something was going terribly wrong.

02-27-16_10-08-51 PM

Matias was only babysitting for a couple hours and Hailey didn’t want to leave Henry David alone with the twins for too long, so everyone started cleaning up and heading home.

02-27-16_10-20-10 PM

That night, I logged into Simbook and saw a new post by Hailey. It read,

Hubby just got a big gig in the city. This is such a big step in his career!

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  1. Well, camp will be finishing up soon! I want to write two more Three Rivers chapters, and then, I’ll be focusing on camp to finish up that session!

    I really love the way so many plots are intertwining in significant ways in this story.

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