ATW S2.5 Chapter 3

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Seeing the light come out of her body and into his hands- it was so haunting. And all I could do was just stand there and sob. It was her time, and I knew it, so I couldn’t beg him- not that I could stoop that low anyways.

Nevertheless, I was still crying. I knew that her light was in The Reaper’s hands now, and would go… well… wherever he takes it. That was when I realized how foreign my own world is. I realized that I would be living in this big, old house all by myself… at least, until Joslyn and I get married. Even then, there will still be one empty bedroom. It hasn’t been occupied since Mindy left. At least Gabrielle will have a room to come home to, should she need it. It must be hard, considering that she’s growing up so much away from home. And Nawwaf… I don’t even know what to think anymore. I’ve heard so many rumors that I don’t know what to believe about the young man that will soon be my step-son. All I can do is hope for the best.

I barely even know my own neighbors. I know that Beatrix and her biological family live next door, but I have no idea if anyone lives across the street or not. There’s three houses over there, each with multiple bedrooms that could easily accommodate a young family. I think it’s the price that keeps people from moving in, though. Two of them are pretty large, and the third one, though it’s smaller, also has a high price tag due to all of the other large houses in the neighborhood. Really, why can’t a house’s worth be judged just based on the house, and not it’s surroundings? I don’t want to be surrounded by a whole bunch of rich snobs- not that there are any that would want to live here, not when there’s huge mansions sitting empty in some of the other neighborhoods, or when they can make the short drive to Oasis Springs for a nice modern house that’s a lot cheaper. I bet in twenty years, this neighborhood will be filled with empty nesters. That includes Joslyn and I. Then the street will ache with loneliness, and the houses will be haunted by the memories of their former occupants. I want to be surrounded by actual people, not the ghosts of them.

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