ATW S2.5 Chapter 2

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The night of Mom’s death, a black bird (possibly a blackbird, crow, or raven) flew over our house. I think that it might have been the Grim Reaper. Maybe he flies to people’s houses as a bird. That would be cool, actually flying like that. It would be kind of like the float power-up in The R.E.F.U.G.E., except you would have wings to propel yourself through the air instead of having to use light fixtures to push yourself along.

I should probably explain what The R.E.F.U.G.E. is. Pretty much, it’s a video game available on PC and tablet where your goal is to run from someone who’s chasing you. You start out in the deepest dungeon and eventually get to the top of a tower where you finally meet this person (or people) who’s been chasing you. The thing is, no one has made it to that point- even I haven’t gotten there- because the beginning of the game is so hard. It’s kind of like a maze because there are all of these hallways that you can go down, but you don’t know which one is going to take you to the staircase to go up to the next level. Recently, Stealth364312 (a.k.a. one of the greatest gamers of all time) figured out that there are actually two possible routes that you can take to get to each of the staircases, however one of them is longer and has more obstacles in your way, but will give you a power-up just before you get to the staircase.

The obvious question is why would a game this difficult have sold over two billion simoleons’ worth, and the answer to that is that it is really a genius game. It features the character customization options of The Sims Medieval and gameplay aspects of Temple Run and Super Mario Bros., so pretty much everyone has found something to love. Plus, I’ve heard that next month the developers are going to be releasing an official tool to create your own levels. Of course, a whole bunch of people have already figured out how to do this via mods, as well as how to give your characters custom outfits, strengths, and weaknesses, and there’s a huge website for sharing the characters that you’ve made in the game. All of this has made people super obsessed with it, and every day millions of people log into the forums to see if anyone’s beaten it yet (there’s a scoreboard where they show players’ usernames and what the highest level is that they’ve completed). I feel kind of bad for the person who will eventually beat it since they’re going to have so many messages asking how they beat it and what exactly is at the end of the game- or if there’s something more there that we don’t know about. In fact, no one even knows what the game’s name stands for, but the devs have confirmed that it is mentioned at the end of the game.

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