The Dollhouse S2 Chapter 1- Movie Night (Pt.1)

Lauryn text

Since I know that Lauryn is coming, I head to Edward’s room to tell him that we need to pick her up as well. As I leave the room, he calls out to me, “Oh, by the way it’s costume night tonight at the drive-in. I figured that you, Leticia, and Lauryn might want to dress up.”

I turn around to face him. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Now we have, like, no time to coordinate outfits!” I exclaim before heading back to my room to figure out how the three of us are going to dress.


06-14-16_9-10-41 PM

“Why isn’t anyone else wearing costumes?” Lauryn asks. It turned out that the three of us don’t have any clothing in common, so we decided to each come up with our own costumes. Lauryn dressed as a goth (we thought that it would be funny since we were with two of them), I dressed as some sort of BoHo alien creature (it was in some movie that Rory had seen), and Leticia dressed as a garden.

“Hmm… let’s look on their website,” I say as I try to get WiFi. “Umm… it’s not actually costume night,” I tell her, pointing to the special events calendar on their website. “See? There’s nothing going on tonight.”

Then we hear a squeal of tires and turn around to see that Rory and Leticia have pulled up in their truck. Leticia hops out as soon as they’ve come to an incomplete stop, decked out in lots of green and a floral skirt. I motion for her to come over to where Lauryn and I are standing.

“They tricked us,” I whisper to the two of them, motioning towards where Rory and Edward are sitting. “And I have an idea for how to get back at them.”

06-14-16_9-12-57 PM

As I explain my plan, I can tell that they’re excited just by the way that their eyes are lighting up. Well, maybe not Lauryn’s, but Leticia’s certainly are. I can tell that she’s a bit unsure, though, but I make sure that she knows we’re not going to get caught.

06-14-16_9-44-02 PM

Everyone else that we came with are so focused on romance that they don’t notice when we sneak off towards the ticket booth. Tonight’s movie sold out, which is really a shame considering what we’re about to do, so there’s no one inside at the moment. However, there is one obstacle that awaits: security cameras. Thankfully they’re positioned on opposite sides of the building and don’t protect the door to get in. Whoever designed this security system was either clueless or didn’t have enough money in their budget to protect everything.

06-14-16_9-48-40 PM

It turns out that the door is unlocked and we’re able to walk right in without any sort of alarms going off- at least, none that we’re aware of. Glowing from our first victory of the night, we examine the room to see exactly what kind of havoc we can cause from here. It turns out that the main controls for the movie are in a different building, but there’s still some stuff that we can access from the computers in here.

06-14-16_9-52-08 PM

I start puttering away at the computer while Leticia and Lauryn keep an eye on the door and ticket windows to make sure that no one sees us. I really have no clue what I’m looking for, but the chatter of my accomplices sure is interesting.

“Uggh,I am so hungry,” Lauryn complains. “Do you think anyone would mind if I took something from the fridge?”

“Yes,” Leticia replies without looking up from the files she’s looking through.

“Oh, come on– do you really think that taking a can of pop is going to get us in trouble with the law?”

“Obviously- it’s called stealing.”

“Fine, whatevs,” Lauryn replies. “Is there really no WiFi here?”

Leticia sighs, then grabs a folder and brings it over to me.

“What’s this for?” I ask.

“Computer instructions, passcodes, usernames… you know, in case you couldn’t get to anything,” she replies, looking at the noticeably- locked computer.”

“Thanks,” I reply, blushing. I open the folder and find the password to unlock the computer, then look through the rest of the folder’s contents to see if there’s anything really big that I could do to wreck Edward and Rory’s movie-going experience. “Guys… what’s a ‘main breaker’?”

“I dunno… isn’t that some other word for ‘that one really hot break-dancing guy’?” Lauryn replies, who’s now probably losing circulation in her arm from holding it up for so long.

“I think that’s how the power is controlled,” Leticia replies, taking what appears to be some really weird sketch from my hand. “Ah, electrical diagrams. Turns out we don’t need the computer after all,” she replies, walking over to a box attached to the wall. “All we have to do is open this up and flip some switches, then we’ll be all set.”

I log off the computer- better to leave it the way we found it in case someone notices.

“Okay, we need to be ready to bust out of here as soon as we get the power turned off. This is going to be pretty noticeable, so people are going to come running here as soon as the lights go- Lauryn, get off your phone and pay attention!” Leticia attempts to instruct us.

“Okay, okay, so what do I have to do?” Lauryn replies, annoyed. “You do realized that I just got on to Simstagram, right?”

“Pretty much, run as fast as you can out of here as soon as I flip this switch. The security cameras are also controlled through here, and as far as I can tell from their product manuals there isn’t any extra battery life on them. Pretty useless if you ask me, but I’m not the one who’s being paid to design security systems.”

Lauryn and I nod, a bit confused by Leticia’s explanation, but we know what we need to do. We stand by the door, and as soon as Leticia hits the switch we start running towards the trucks. By the time we get there Leticia has caught up with us, and we grin at each other as Lauryn and I struggle to catch our breaths.

“Good job,” Leticia says to me, her compliment forming butterflies in my stomach.

06-14-16_9-12-01 PM

I’m about to thank her when Lauryn raises her hand for a high-five. It seems so childish, but then again this is our last night to act like this before we start high school.

Then an announcement comes on over the drive-in’s loudspeakers:

“Attention Guests: We are sorry to say this, but tonight’s show has been cancelled due to an unexpected power outage. Please pack up your things and leave the park in an orderly fashion. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

“Aw, we don’t even get a refund?” Edward asks. I cover my mouth with my hand to suppress a giggle from escaping. It’s not like he really needs the money or anything, however I do feel bad for Rory because I have a feeling that the money he used to get in was something that he actually had to work hard for.


The three of us watch as everyone else packs up, and I take a moment to think about what we just did. If we could pull this off without getting caught, then what else could we do?




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