ATW S2.5 Chapter 1

This season is told from Stuart’s point of view.

My sister’s wife, Mary Anne, said that her mom, Rosalynn, had passed on in her favorite place: the kitchen. She also said that her mom’s half-sister, Regina, had seen Rosalynn’s ghost and said that she was always happy because of this. I always wondered if this was true- I mean, Ghostbusters didn’t exist IRL for a reason, right?

02-26-16_8-55-58 PM

Mom passed on tonight, right on our front porch. She spent so much time out there that I was always worried about her- what if someone just walked right up and attacked her? She always said that it was safe; that she had sat there for years and nothing had happened to her, but I knew how much things had changed recently so I was still worried about her.

When I was a teenager, one day I asked her why she sat out there all day instead of doing something exciting, like playing a video game. She surprised me by saying that she knew all about “those things”- every young person who walked by our house was either talking about them or playing one on their phone, so she felt like she had played them herself.

When I asked her why she didn’t go out dancing with the other elderly people, she replied that she saw them walking home late every night, complaining about how uncomfortable their formalwear was and on the brink of collapsing from exhaustion, so she felt like she didn’t need to go out to dance. Plus, she said that we had a perfectly good stereo system in our living room that she could dance to whenever she wanted, whether the dance hall was open or not.

She saw the world from that porch. But the world never bothered looking back at her, and now she’s gone. Well, not really- I mean, she could come back as a ghost, right?

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