Letters to my Younger Self: La Fiesta Tech

When I first started looking for somewhere to go, I knew that I wanted someplace that was very secluded. That led my search to mountainous and desert areas. I also wanted someplace where no one would recognize my name, which meant that the mountainous areas were out- I already knew too many people who had gone to those places to study. As much as I didn’t want to be trapped in a hot environment, it looked like the middle of a desert would be the place that would fit what I was looking for.

Next I looked at each of the schools that were in this climate. I used the search filters to get down to only “rural” colleges- a.k.a. the ones that wouldn’t be near or in a city. There weren’t that many left, so I started going through their entrance requirements one by one. La Fiesta Tech was the first one that I looked at. The gpa requirements were only pointed towards math and science, but I easily exceeded them. The site said that there were also essay requirements and that students who had studied more Spanish would be given higher priority. I was surprised because this college seemed to be looking for someone exactly like me. I sent in my application and hoped that I would advance to the essay portion of the process. I did.

When I received my letter I was very excited but immediately started working when I realized that there were two essays that I would have to write. One of them was easy. The prompt was “If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?”. The other prompt was one that was going to be a bit harder for me to explain. I stared at that prompt for many hours, even after I had finished writing the first essay.

essay question

I carried the question with me everywhere. I wrote down as many ideas as possible, trying to find an answer that would magically given in. I could have just given up there, as I’m sure many people did, but giving up wasn’t in my blood. Here are the ideas that were the most interesting to me:

  • Scientists and artists have both had to fight against society’s norms in order for their ideas to gain recognition
  • The most passionate of these people worked countless hours and against countless pressures to quit
  • Chemistry and painting, archeology and pottery making, mathematics and music- links?
  • Many groups of people seem to value one over the other
  • Can both fall under art? Can both fall under science?
  • There are just so many similarities!
I looked back at the prompt, hoping that one of my ideas wouldn’t really answer it so I could start eliminating my way down to the answer. One word stuck out at me- possible. It reminded me of one of those cheesy sayings that I had heard a million times: Nothing’s impossible. The word itself says “I’m possible”!
The essay wasn’t impossible- I knew that. Was a link possible? It had to be. This many similarities couldn’t be a coincidence.
Author’s Note: I have no experience applying to colleges, so I’m sorry for any mistakes. I highly encourage readers (that means you!) to discuss the essay questions in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Letters to my Younger Self: La Fiesta Tech

  1. Your insights about the college application process seem very on-the-mark. And I really love this brainstorming list for the essay.

    Have fun as you begin to select your own universities to apply to! It’s such an exciting time.

    Liked by 1 person

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