The Lost Prince: Chapter 17

Anna stared at the door, waiting for Gerda’s knock. The maid had promised a special present for her before she and Elsa went to Corona the next day. Anna bounced on her bed, thinking about how a few years before, she hadn’t been able to do this. She still couldn’t run without tripping and falling, much less dance; no one knew why. The knock on the door brought Anna out of her thoughts, and she quickly answered it, delighted that Gerda was finally here.

“Shhh, we must be quiet, Princess. I’m going to show you something that your father would not approve of you seeing, but I know that you’ll love it.” She led Anna down the hall and through a door that none of the royal family had ever noticed before. The maid grabbed a torch off of the wall, signaling for Anna to follow her. Once they got to the bottom of the stairs, they could hear the chattering of many people, but the smell of food was what lighted up Anna’s face with joy.

“The kitchens!” Anna exclaimed as they rounded the corner. Sure enough, many servants stood around, busy making the food for tonight’s going away feast for the princesses. Some were kneading dough for bread, others were shelling oysters, and still others were dicing fruit for a salad. Each servant she passed gave her one food after another, and the princess praised each one. The food was much better than she would ever be able to make; she doubted that she would be able to use a knife without cutting herself.

“There’s still more!” Gerda exclaimed after Anna had sampled every food that was being made. “Follow me!”

Anna was led through a door to another room, where dessert was being made. She made her way through the room, sampling the various cookies, pies, and custards until she reached the end of the room where she found Gerda standing. The maid clapped her hands twice, and all of the servants stopped what they were doing and gathered around.

“On behalf of all of us, we would like to thank you for being one of the kindest, warmest, and most loving royals we have ever served. You, Anna, are truly the People’s Princess, and for that, we would like to present you with one last gift.” She held out a small white box to Anna.

Anna reached for the box. “Thank you for all of this,” she said, before opening it up. Inside were all of Anna’s favorite kinds of candy: chocolates, lemon drops, taffy, and much more.

“Eat it sparingly while you are on the boat, and be sure to keep it out of Corona’s hot sun,” Gerda instructed, smiling. Before Anna could say anything more, all of the servants bowed down to her, giving Anna a clear path out of the kitchen.

“Thanks again, and goodbye!” Anna said happily as she made her way back to her room.


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