The Lost Prince: Chapter 16

Anna sat on the edge of her bed, attempting to stand up, when there was a sharp knock on the door. “Come in,” she called, smiling when it was Elsa that entered the room.

“How are you feeling?” Elsa asked her sister, even though she knew that Anna had to be in some sort of pain.

“Fine, but where have you been?” Anna replied, wanting to get an answer out of Elsa.

“Keeping out of your way so you can recover properly, exercising your horse, and attending lessons that will help when we will travel to Corona in three years. Once you have recovered enough to move about, you will need to make these things up.”

“Do I have to?” Anna groaned, wishing that all of her responsibilities could be on hold while she was stuck in her room.

“I’m afraid so, and father also wants a conference with you as soon as you are able. I would highly suggest meeting this demand as soon as possible, before he gets angry with you.”

“Well, at least some fiery anger is better than your coldness,” Anna replied, saying the first thing that popped into her head.

“Perhaps you need to cool down a bit yourself before you burn the palace down.”

“The palace? I could care less about the palace. What about the village where Gerda, and Kai, and Kristoff, and their families and friends live. What about them? They’re the ones that we are ruling over- if the palace were burned down, they would simply find a different family to take over the line.”

“Do you really think that they are that intelligent, Anna? If our line died out, those ignorant, uneducated fools would have no employment, no economy, and no defense. They would easily be taken out by one of those villages of natives. Those scoundrels have no idea how to run a place as well as we do, so you should be lucky that you were born into this family and not one of theirs.”

“At least the natives that I have seen in books have culture. They paint their faces bright colors, have competitions, raise animals as if they were people themselves….”

“But culture doesn’t bring in money, and food, and items of necessity. Culture doesn’t get the work done efficiently, and promotes the people to look upon themselves with a view of ill mentality.”

“But don’t our people look upon themselves with ill mentality when they see how they don’t fit into the little box of a position that their class and their family gives to them? Doesn’t having people like us sit around all day doing nothing while everyone else works until exhaustion still not get the work done efficiently? And all the while, everyone is put into misery?”

“Anna, you know nothing of misery especially that brought about by responsibility. You know nothing of having to care for someone until you’ve practically gone crazy from doing so, but you must continue because you will be punished otherwise. You know nothing of what you’ve caused.” With that, Elsa left the room, leaving Anna staring blankly at her sister, trying to make sense of what she just said.


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