ATW S2 Chapter 15: The Best Gift

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“What was the best gift that you got?” Berjes asked Cynthia.

Cynthia shrugged. “I didn’t really like any one thing better than the others. But I can tell you the best gift that I gave: forgiveness.”

“Forgiveness? Really?” Berjes asked skeptically.

“Yeah. To my dad. For everything that he’s done because I know that he can’t help it- that’s just how he is.”

“But isn’t forgiveness part of love?”

“It’s supposed to be, but sometimes it takes a special occasion to be able to see that.”


Cadence stomped over to them angrily. This isn’t going to be good.

“Hi, Cadence!” Cynthia called out.

“I need to talk to Berjes and Emerson- alone,” Cadence replied.

“Oh, um, of course. See you later!” Cynthia said to Berjes as she ran across the plaza to her house.

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Berjes led Cynthia inside. “Do you want something to eat?” he asked her as he headed to the kitchen to get food for him and Emerson.

“No, I just need to talk to you guys without any adults around.”

“Don’t worry; Mary Anne and Mindy are in their room. They won’t hear a thing unless you get super loud. We can even turn on the T.V. to cover up our voices if you want.”

“That’ll be good.”

The three of them sat down on the couch. “So the reason why I came here is because I just got some news, and I needed to share it with you guys. So my dad, Ahio, came from this island in the middle of nowhere. My mom met him when she was on a cruise and got shipwrecked. Then they had Beatrix and she got taken away by some random people who decided that they could just do that, but my parents couldn’t go after her because Waikika was in my mom’s tummy. But once she was born they came here and started looking for Beatrix and had me and Hahon. They just got word from the island that there’s more trouble, so our family has to go back as soon as possible. Beatrix, Waikika, and Hahon are really excited to go back, but I don’t get it. Why should I have to go back when I have no connection there? Here I fit in and have friends, but there I’ll have nothing. Nothing. But my parents won’t let me stay here because they don’t want to split up our family again. That’s where you guys come in. If you can get Mary Anne and the rest of her siblings to tell them that Beatrix needs to stay here, with them, then we might be able to stay here.”

“No. It wouldn’t be right for us to do that,” Berjes replied. “Your family is one of the best gifts that you can have, so you need to stay with them. This way, you’ll get to learn about your dad’s side of the family. There’s still ways to contact us even though there isn’t any WiFi there- snail mail still exists, you know.”

“I guess you’re right about that, but I’m still worried- everything is going to be so different there. I heard that they don’t even have light switches!”

“You don’t have to be scared of what you don’t know,” Emerson replied. “Sure, it’ll probably be different, but think of all the other scary stuff you’ve done. Going to school, making friends- all of that was scary, but you got through it.”

“Yeah, I guess that you’re both right. Maybe I can even help them get electricity, and malls, technology! That would be awesome!”

“Yeah, it would,” Berjes replied absent-mindedly. Something is going to happen there. Something bad. After all, isn’t Matias always talking about the calm before the storm?

“Hey, do you want to see my new baby brother?” Emerson asked Cadence.

“Sure. What’s his name?”


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Author’s Note: Thanks for reading Season 2 of After the Wedding! You can expect to see some of this storm starting in Season 3. I have an “ending point” in mind for this story, which means that I have approximately 1 1/2 rotations through 11 households left. But since I play each house for one sim-week, that will take a lot longer than it sounds. After that, there will be various spin-offs involving the different characters- three of them will be stories, and one will be a Let’s Play. I’m not sure if I want to do more than that yet- we’ll see.

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