Short Story: December Fool’s Day

12-13-15_6-40-14 PM

“Mom, can we please each open a present tonight?” Emerson begged.

“You know Mary Anne and Mindy won’t let us do that,” Berjes answered gloomily.

“Hmm… I’ll say yes, on one condition- the two of you have to listen to one of my stories first,” Mary Anne replied to her son and half-brother.

“And what story is this?” Mindy asked her wife.

“The story of how we met,” Mary Anne replied with a wink.


12-13-15_9-29-10 PM-2

“I can’t believe I got partnered with some girl that I don’t even know. Couldn’t they have a three-person tent? Then me, you, and Regina could be together,” Mary Anne complained to her sister Annabeth.

“Hey, we’re all bummed out about this trip. I mean, think about it- there’s going to be bugs, bug spray, squirrels, fleas, and no private showers. They aren’t even letting Regina bring her computer along!” Annabeth replied sarcastically.

“You’re not being any help, sis. I may as well just finish packing my camping gear by myself.”

12-13-15_8-17-34 PM

“Hey, you must be Mary Anne. I’m Mindy.”

“Hi,” Mary Anne mumbled. “Just to let you know, I really don’t want to go on this trip, so whenever we’re able to split up, I’m going to go with Annabeth and Regina.”

“Oh, you’re that kind of person?”

“No, don’t take this personally; I’m not saying that you’re bad or anything like that.”

“What I meant was you’re friends with mean, popular people like them?”

“They’re not mean- they’re my twin sister and my aunt. Well, technically Regina is my mom’s half-sister, but we don’t use word half-aunt for some reason. But yes, they’re my friends too.”

Their teacher’s whistle blew, ending their conversation.

12-13-15_8-20-38 PM

The group had only made it halfway to the campsite when it was time to take a break for lunch. While everyone else unpacked the food that they had been assigned to bring or helped to set things up, Mindy pulled Mary Anne off to the side.  “I have an idea- I know you don’t want to be here, and I don’t either, so how about we walk back home?”

“But if we go home, we’ll have to go to school. I only signed up for the ‘mystery trip’ to get out of it,” Mary Anne replied.

Mindy leaned closer to Mary Anne and whispered, “How about we find a hotel? We were told to bring emergency money, after all.”

Mary Anne nodded in agreement, not having heard what was said because she had gotten distracted by the other girl’s perfume.

12-13-15_9-52-09 PM

“Really? In a place as sketchy as this, we can still only afford a room with one bed?” Mary Anne complained.

“At least, we have a bed and not some tent that’s going to end up hurting everyone’s backs but ours,” Mindy replied, turning on the T.V.


“Well, they definitely haven’t noticed that we’re gone if it’s not on the news.”

12-13-15_9-56-32 PM

“So what are we going to do for supper? I convinced my brother to take my food because I couldn’t fit it in my backpack.”

“I only have a box of graham crackers, which I don’t think is going to fill us up.”

“There is a bar downstairs.”

“Bar food and juiced dudes? Yuck. I’ll take graham crackers any day over that.”

“Suit yourself, I’m going down there.”

“I’ll come with in case the juiced dudes decided to mess with you.”

“I think they would mess with you before me.”

12-13-15_10-20-55 PM

“Well, hello, ladies,” the mixologist greeted them as they walked in. “You two can each have a drink on the house since you’re staying at the motel.”

“We’re-“ Mary Anne began to reply, but Mindy interrupted her.

“We’ll have your best drinks.”

“Rrrriiiight on it.”

12-13-15_10-16-16 PM

The girls sat down at the bar as their drinks were passed to them and Mindy immediately took a drink. When Mary Anne saw how confident she was in it, she figured that she should take a drink as well or she would look like a wimp. Even though it tasted like someone had thrown some strawberry flavoring in an unsuccessful attempt to cover up the bitter flavor, she still felt more like an adult than a teen. “You know, my mom’s a mixologist,” she said to Mindy, who turned and looked at her with interest.

“Really? Are her drinks good?”

“I have no idea- I never tried to sneak one out of the fridge. Not that I could since she always seems to have one eye on the kitchen.”

“Do you have a dad?”

“Yeah, he’s an athlete. We never really see much of him because he’s always working out in their bedroom, out for a jog, or reading in the library.”

“A library? What are you, a filthy rich aristocrat?”

“I guess I kind of am.”

“Well, that explains your snobbiness.”

Feeling a pain that the drink couldn’t make go away, Mary Anne headed back up to their room.

12-13-15_10-27-38 PM

When she woke up, she felt more aware of everything than she had been before. She had just flung off her clothes, not bothering to put on pajamas, while Mindy had changed and kept her things inside her backpack. They were in the same bed together, facing each other, and Mary Anne felt that if she breathed, she would wake this pretty girl. Wait… pretty? Their legs were closer to each other than their faces were, and she almost wanted to stroke this girl’s leg with her foot. But that sounded weird. Assuming that the drink was still affecting her, she rolled over and went back to sleep.

Mindy shower

Sunlight should’ve woken her up… but there wasn’t a window. Confused about where she was, Mary Anne got out of bed and went into the bathroom to find that it was much smaller and a girl that wasn’t Annabeth was showering there. Then she remembered that she was in a hotel room with Mindy, whom she had just met yesterday. She then realized that Mindy probably wasn’t used to other people peeing while she was showering, and quickly left the bathroom. She still couldn’t get the image of Mindy in the shower out of her head- she had an intense gracefulness about her like she was holding something back.

12-15-15_8-08-04 PM

She walked over to her pile of clothes, but as she was about to pick them up she felt a small pain in her foot. “Ow!” she yelped, instinctively lifting it up on the floor. She sat on the edge of the bed and examined her foot, finding a small bite. Confused, she looked down at the floor and realized that there

12-14-15_6-08-32 PM

Mindy came out of the bathroom and sat down next to Mary Anne. “You saw me in there, didn’t you,” she said solemnly.

“I-didn’t-look?” Mary Anne replied.

“Yeah, right. Is your foot okay? I heard you yell.”

“I guess. Having bugs in the motel room and just these dim lamps make this place feel worse than the forest.”

“Yeah, but sometimes taking the harder path lets you learn something that you wouldn’t have found out otherwise. Today I learned that some people think it’s perfectly okay to walk in on someone.”

“We do it at home all the time. I can’t even remember how many of us kids there are now. My parents are redecorating one of the bedrooms for us teens, and soon the baby will join Henry David and Beatrix in the kids’ room.”

“Wow. That sounds crazy, having all of those sims in that one house.”

“I guess. You get used to it after a while. Now I can barely remember way back when it was just me and Annabeth.”

“Wow. That seems so weird compared to my family where we don’t have money, Mom has to work 8-hour shifts for really plummy pay, and I had to take care of my brother Stuart.”

“That sounds just awful.”

“So I guess that’s what you learned from this? That there are people like me who have terrible lives while you get to have whatever you want?”

“That’s not true. You won’t- laugh, or, make fun of me if I tell you what I learned?”

“No way. Knowledge is never something that I will laugh at.”

“Okay, if you say so. I, um, I-  how do I phrase this- I guess I think that girls are kind of pretty?”

“So you’re saying that you’re-“

“Yes. Yes, I am gay. And you’re the girl that I think is so pretty.”

“Well, you’re quite pretty yourself,” Mindy replied, leaning over and kissing Mary Anne.


“Kissing?!” Emerson exclaimed.

Mindy glanced over at Mary Anne and suddenly couldn’t hold it in anymore. The two of them started laughing as much as possible without choking, and Emerson was utterly confused.

“I don’t think that actually happened to them,” Berjes explained. “Now let’s get at those presents before they stop laughing.”

Author’s Note: This was written for the monthly short-story contest on the Sims Forums. The theme for this month was “‘Tis the Season for…”. The motel used in this story is called, “Motel Traved”. The original was by loverrlylina7, and the version I used was by natreis6. It is available on the Gallery. If you would like to read more about these characters, please check out my story After the Wedding.

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6 thoughts on “Short Story: December Fool’s Day

  1. Haha I like the ending where it’s hinted that the story wasn’t entirely true. Great use of the title there! And even it wasn’t true, it was a sweet story of how they got together 😛

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