The Lost Prince: Chapter 14

The next day, instead of going to lessons with Gothel, Elsa and Anna met her in the ballroom. When they entered, a full orchestra stood up and bowed to them, which was returned with curtsies from both of the girls. Gothel strode over and greeted them. “Good afternoon. Today we will be learning the dances of many of the larger kingdoms, including our own. We will start out with Arendelle’s waltz, which is counted in three. This is a very simple dance- just put your hands in mine and follow my lead.”

With a small gesture, the orchestra started playing a slow, docile melody, and Gothel extended her hand to Elsa. The princess clasped it and followed Gothel’s lead around the room. Once she realized what the pattern of steps was, the dance became very easy for her. When the song ended, Gothel nodded at Elsa. “Very good- I see that you have caught on quickly. Anna, it is your turn now.”

Anna took Gothel’s hand, confident that she could copy her sister’s performance. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t catch on to the steps as quickly as Elsa had. It took her a few tries before she finally stopped stepping on Gothel’s foot.

After going through the dances of a few other kingdoms, Gothel finally introduced the last dance. “The dances of the Southern Isles are some of the most complicated ones around, and require much patience, balance, and rhythm. For now, we will learn the simplest one, which is the fan dance.” She produced three fans- a blue one for Elsa, a green one for Anna, and a red one for herself. “First, I will show you the fan movements- slowly, at first, then up to full speed.” She performed the movements gracefully, but as they got faster Elsa found it hard to keep up with what she was doing.

“Music!” Gothel called, once she had finished going through the fan movements. Elsa felt sick to her stomach, knowing that she wasn’t going to do well. The dance steps came to her naturally, but soon she was unable to keep up with the fan movements. When the song ended, Elsa’s arm ached, and she wondered how anyone could do such a dance. “I’m sure that you now see why dancers prefer loose clothing to tighter clothing,” Gothel said, motioning at Elsa’s restraining clothing.

Anna came up to dance next and did surprisingly well. The movements of her fan were perfectly timed and were almost more graceful than Gothel’s had been. There was a constant smile on her face as she danced, and soon it seemed that Gothel was the one that couldn’t keep up. Eventually, Elsa realized that the dance no longer resembled what Gothel had showed them, but something entirely original. The orchestra was forced to continue playing long after the song should have finished, and Gothel had given up dancing with Anna. Anna’s braids were whipping around wildly as she twirled when her foot slipped on the floor and fell with a loud boom.

Anna’s eyes opened wide with shock when she realized that she had just fallen. She must have cried out in pain because the music had suddenly stopped and people were crowding around her. She heard someone calling for the castle physician, and others were asking her if she was alright. She didn’t respond, only thinking of how she had had no clue about what she was doing as she danced; how her brain had been completely disconnected from everything that she had been doing. She looked around for the face of her sister, the one person who she knew would be calm in all the chaos, but couldn’t find her. Suddenly, when everyone parted for the castle physician to get through, Anna saw her sister throw open the door and run. She tried to call for her sister but was shushed by everyone around her.


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