After the Wedding S2 Chapter 14: Peace

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“So… what’s up?” Regina asked Mary Anne.

Mary Anne sighed. “I don’t really know how to say this, but… it kind of has to do with Daniel and the triplets.”


“This has been in the back of my mind for awhile now, ever since I found out that I was pregnant, but really need to tell you this and have you not get mad at me.”

“I’m not going to get mad at you- why would I do that?”

“You’ll see. The thing is- Emerson is going to be aging up soon, and his hair has been lightening up past brown. I think he’s going to have blond hair as a child.”

“But where would he get that from? Everyone in both of your parents’ families has either dark brown or black hair… unless….”

“The father is Daniel.”

“Does he know that he has another child?”

Mary Anne shook her head. “I’m scared to tell him in case he tries to take my son away, but I know that he has the right to know about the existence of his own child,” she said, bursting into tears.

“It’s okay. We’ll figure this out, but he does need to know if we’re able to make contact with him.”

“Do you know anything about where he is right now?”

“Last I heard he was making shady deals on the street, trying to get to the city.”

“He’s probably not going to have stable access to employment or a phone when he gets there… maybe we can wait before we attempt to tell him, at least until Emerson’s a child. Then he’ll only have rights to see him if Emerson knows for sure that he wants to meet his father.”

Regina nodded. “That could work. What should we tell the triplets? I mean, if he looks anything like their father, they’re going to start asking questions.”

“We’ll tell them that they have the same father, and when they become teens we can re-evaluate before any woohoo talks happen.”

“That sounds good. It feels so much better, having this off of my chest. It’s like my soul is at peace now.”

Emerson’s cry broke the silence. “It sounds like someone is calling for Mama,” Mary Anne said, getting up from the table.

Regina got up to leave, but as she neared the door she felt a disturbance in the air behind her. Turning around, she realized that this was her sister’s ghost.

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“Rosalynn? Is that really you?” Regina asked.

“Yes, this is really me. It seems that the family tradition continues,” Rosalynn replied.

“What tradition?”

“Well, it’s not really a tradition, but every generation of our family has had half-siblings.”

Regina thought about it. She and Rosalynn were half-sisters, Berjes was a half-brother to Rosalynn’s children, and now the triplets and Emerson were half-siblings. “What about our mother? Did she have any half-siblings?”

“Yes. She had an illegitimate half-sister. She was actually the one who convinced our mom to move us to Oasis Springs when I was old enough. And I’m glad she did. Sometimes I think of everything that wouldn’t have happened if our grandmother had been faithful. I wouldn’t have met Alexander- would he have been with someone else? Would I still find someone and have children? Rashad was from the same town that I was born in, so you could have still happened, but neither of us would have had the opportunities that we have here.”

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“I guess we all have a lot to be thankful for, even if we only realize it when someone has passed on.”

“Yes. Just remember to pass this knowledge on, because knowing that we have things to be thankful for is what brings out our inner peace.”

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