Letters to my Younger Self: Mortimer

Mortimer smiled at the sims that he had created- him and Bella, as children, and their families. He was proud of his building work as well- their childhood homes somewhat resembled the real things.

When he found out that the present that this computer had arrived in also included a copy of The Sims 3, Mortimer had seen this as a second chance to play out his life again. He would still marry Bella, and they would have Cassandra and Alexander, but in this virtual life they would play it safe in their younger years so that Bella wouldn’t get kidnapped by the late Queen Kaydence’s spies. It was still unknown who had kidnapped Bella and whether or not she was even still alive (though everyone assumed that she was dead at this point). His only wish was that Bella was alive and well though that was most likely not the case.


That wasn’t true. He had one other wish that he would love to change, could he go back in time and do so: allowing Cassandra to have the husband that she deserved. Don’s rejection of their marriage had broken her heart terribly, and Mortimer would have rather seen him break the hearts of many other girls than his daughter.

If he could go back in time and make different choices, everything would be better for all of them. He would have his wife, Cassandra would have a deserving husband, and Alexander would have young parents. They would all live happily, not getting mixed up in the affairs of any other family, and he would have many grandchildren begging to sit on his knee. The only trace of this life would be the books that he would write about what he and Bella had done, instead of leaving their mark at the scene of the crime, and only their descendants would know exactly what had happened on that day.


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