ATW S2 Chapter 13: Past

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… So, with a glance at the girl she had come to love, Princess Aleindria made her announcement: ‘I choose Maia, daughter of our loyal palace seamstress, as this year’s scholarship winner. Her knowledge of the sciences has greatly surpassed her position in our kingdom, and I believe that an education at Pleasantview Academy will greatly benefit her future.”

“Mom,” Rayden interrupted, “What kind of a book is this? I mean, it’s really boring.”

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Regina moved to the bed so she could sit next to her son. “Rayden,” she said, “This book isn’t some work of fiction- this is a real, true story that did happen. Now tell me, what do you know about the Goth family?”

“Well… Aunt Rosalynn married Alexander Goth, and she became rich because they had a lot of money that they gave to Alexander.”

“Yes, but do you know how they became rich?”

Rayden shook his head.

Regina sighed. “This book illustrates the life of a royal family, one that Bella and Mortimer were paid to get rid of because they were deemed to be a ‘threat to society’.”

“So did they get rid of them?”

“No, as Queen Kaydence had produced an heir by the time they were able to get rid of her, and when he grew up he became King. They were still rich because they were paid much of the money beforehand, and Mortimer later wrote about their adventures, and the series was often on the nonfiction bestseller list.”

“Oh, now I know what to write about for my family history report!”

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“There you go- that’s the last fact that you need!” Regina exclaimed as Rayden put down his pencil.

“Ugh, my hand is cramped up from all that writing!” Rayden complained.

“Maybe next time you shouldn’t try to do your whole assignment the night before it’s due!”

“I’m going to go finish that book now!”

“Okay, just make sure that the three of you get to bed on time tonight.”

“We will, Mom. We always do.”

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Regina looked at the clock. A half-hour before work- that’s just enough time to make a salad in case one of the triplets wakes up hungry in the middle of the night. As she tossed the lettuce, she thought about how appropriate it was for the children to have a family history assignment right before Purple DayBut wouldn’t it be even better if Cassandra, an actual ghost, could come to school and talk about the real meaning of the holiday?

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