ATW S2 Chapter 12: A Poem

11-19-15_10-15-43 PM

My brother Aidyn always wants to find 

an easy-to-use formula that tells you exactly how to do


11-19-15_10-58-06 PM

My brother Rayden would rather play MySims

and think about how he’s going to be a hero like Leaf someday

always saving the princess, the damsel-in-distress.

11-19-15_10-50-32 PM

I would rather think about today, like my mom

who always tries to have fun

no matter what the cost may be.

11-19-15_10-43-59 PM

And if you are like my dad, 

always waiting along the side of the highway for the inevitable to happen,

then here is my advice: don’t.

11-19-15_10-30-06 PM

Because what weighs you down today

will help you up tomorrow

even if you think it won’t.

11-19-15_10-53-19 PM

Because one day,

you will receive news

that changes everything.

11-19-15_10-49-28 PM

Because one day,

you will realize that your life-bar is sparkling

even though your heart is still as young as ever.

11-19-15_10-42-19 PM

Because you never realize

just how lucky you are

until you almost lose it all.

11-19-15_10-37-41 PM

And when you look down,

you will realize

that there is always someone with you.

11-19-15_10-38-47 PM

One day,

you will arrive at the place

where it all began.

11-19-15_11-01-03 PM

“But today is not that day,”

said the unknown man.

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