The Lost Prince: Chapter 11

A few nights later, a hooded figure crept through the streets of Arendelle, whispering gleefully to herself, “This is my chance- if this works; I shall have gained contact with all who possess my bloodline, which is currently almost every ruler or soon-to-be ruler in northern Europe. Then I shall possess the power to change the fate of the world, and give justice to those who deserve it.” She smiled when she saw Arendelle’s castle, and headed towards the structure.

The next morning, King Agdar called court immediately, hoping that someone would come and accept his job offer for a tutor for Elsa and Anna. Kai, one of the castle’s servants, announced to the King and Queen that there was a woman inquiring about the position who seemed to fulfill all of the requirements. “Very well then, bring her in,” the King replied, hoping that this wouldn’t take too long.

A woman with very wavy black hair, brown eyes, and a tight-fitting scarlet dress with a gold sash strode into the room and curtsied before the King and Queen. “I am Gothel of Corona,” she said, “and I wish to inquire about your job offer as a tutor for the princesses.”

The King was a bit worried about her being from Corona, but since she had made it into the kingdom fine, he would give her a chance. “What skills and expertise do you have that would make you a prime candidate for this position?” he asked.

“I was educated in literature and the arts by my mother, including the finest works of literature, penmanship, painting, needlepoint, music, and the mannerisms of a fine lady. My father also educated me in various measures of self-defense, as well as horseback riding. Both my mother and father were well-educated in their respective subjects, and passed all they knew on to me.”

The King nodded. She seemed to be a very eligible candidate. “Gerda!” he called, and the maid scurried into the room and curtsied.

“Your Highness,” she said.

“Please entertain our guest Gothel in the sitting room.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” As she led Gothel out of the throne room, King Agdar led Idun into a small chamber that connected to the throne room, designed for conferences like this one between the King and Queen.

“She seems to be a very respectable woman, even if her hair is a bit of a mess, and I believe that she would do well in the position,” he said to Queen Idun.

“That may be so, but her apparent youthfulness worries me in how much expertise she really does have; though I do admit that it is a relief that she would be able to protect the girls if anything were to happen,” she replied.

“Looks can be deceiving, my dear,” Agdar replied, leading his wife back into the throne room. “Kai, please retrieve Gothel from the throne room.”

Gothel returned to the room. “We have decided that Gothel will be the tutor for the princesses. Gerda, please escort her to her room. Kai, take down the notices about the job opening, and make sure that all the citizens of Arendelle know that she is to be treated almost as a member of the royal family.”

Author’s Note: Since all of the main characters and places have now been introduced, I have created a survey that I am also going to put out at the end of the story for a little response comparison. If you’d like, you can contribute to the survey for the beginning of the story here.


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