Short Story: Long Ways from Home

06-06-15_8-50 PM-3

This is my mom and her boyfriend. They started it, all of it.

06-06-15_8-51 PM

This is me. I’ve always felt lost, even before running away. I’m making that face at Mom and Don- none of us really liked her being with someone, but I think I hated it most of all.

11-01-15_9-27-03 PM

We all knew that Abby was Mom’s favorite out of us triplets. They both had this love of logic, and knowing the exact moves that they needed to make to get what they wanted within reality. Reality became my enemy.

11-01-15_9-28-01 PM

Jenna’s the artistic one. She’s always wanted to be super popular, even when we were kids. That’s why she stopped talking to me- other kids thought I was weird, so she felt that she had to think that, too. Sometimes I dream of how good of friends we could’ve been if she hadn’t had that dream. Just the two of us, in our own little “make-believe” world.

11-03-15_6-50-36 PM

When I ran away, I remember feeling proud of the fact that I could leave, anytime I wanted to, without getting caught. But after that initial wave of exhilaration, I was still just me. I was still just a little lost kid.

11-03-15_6-48-07 PM

A little after that was when Don died. Mom explained that he had drowned, which is what happens when you stay in the water too long. That was when I met him.

11-03-15_6-53-35 PM

Everything I had heard about him was from scary stories, but everyone said that they weren’t true. They were wrong, because I saw him, and I talked to him. I wasn’t scared, and I wasn’t lost. I was home, for the first time ever. It was a very short time, but I never forgot about him, and I’ve always wanted to see him again.

11-05-15_11-15-13 PM

When I became a teen, I joined the swim team. No one protested, because I was a good athlete, but they didn’t know why I chose that sport. I always associated water with him, so I hoped that by being around pools, I would see him again. I didn’t, but other things happened. I remember driving home from my very last meet when I was in college when my car broke down. Thankfully I didn’t get hurt, but I couldn’t call for help because my phone was dead.

11-05-15_11-23-36 PM

There was only one person who stopped to help me- Daniel. He took me to his “house”, which was really just a little shack. It had pretty much nothing, but I was glad to have the shelter.

11-06-15_7-28-53 PM

There are a lot of things that I don’t talk about. One of them is how I got “sick”.

11-06-15_9-11-29 PM

This is one of my sons. I have two- Endeavor and Apollo. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to raise them myself- I didn’t have the money or the means- but I knew someone who could. I wrote a letter to her, explaining my circumstances, and giving her enough information that she would be able to answer any questions that they had, but wouldn’t be able to track me down.

09-05-15_5-14 PM-2

I hope that they will never feel as lost as I was, and that if one of them does find him, that they will see exactly what I saw in him- home.

Author’s Note: This was written for the monthly short-story contest on the Sims Forums. The theme for this month was “Lost”.


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