ATW S2 Chapter 10: May the Force be with You

11-05-15_5-35-09 PM

Matias woke up, the sunlight calling him out to his balcony. He looked out, seeing the beauty of all of the fall colors, and felt a calmness in the whirlwind of emotion that he felt about aging up. The pattern that the sunlight made as it passed through the canopy of the trees was so orderly that he couldn’t help feeling that everything was going to be alright in the end, even if this was only the calm before a storm.


11-01-15_2-18-55 PM

That evening, Annabeth stood outside the house, greeting the guests for the party. “How’s being a father so far?” she asked Henry David. “Oh, it’s not bad, especially when you get to leave your kids with the babysitter so you can come to a party dressed as a hot dog,” he replied.

11-01-15_2-29-32 PM

“Has Hailey gotten here yet?” Rowan asked, eagerly awaiting the chance to see her daughter.

“Yep- she should be inside,” Annabeth replied, realizing how hard it was to keep track of this many guests.

11-01-15_2-25-38 PM

Inside, Matias had coerced Regina, Nawwaf, Mindy, and Rayden into dancing. “Dance at my party and have fun, you will,” he said in a voice that didn’t resemble Yoda very well.

11-01-15_4-01-40 PM

Cassandra came out of her urn when she heard the music, and Rowan was very interested in her. “So wait… you’re Alexander’s older sister, as a ghost? That’s awesome!” she exclaimed. Cassandra was pleased that she wasn’t scared.

11-01-15_4-01-07 PM

“I know that this party is supposed to be about Matias… but I just wanted to tell you congrats on what they decided about your kids, and may you have the best of luck in raising them, space ranger,” Mary Anne said as her and Regina shared a hug.

“You make a pretty good happy clown,” Regina replied.

11-01-15_2-45-54 PM

When it was time for Matias to blow out the candles, Annabeth gathered everyone into the kitchen. “Hey, Duke, haven’t seen you since you were a kid,” she said.

“Then you probably don’t know that a lot’s changed for me- I’ve got a wife now, and we’re expecting our first child. It’s going to be weird, though, since Mom is pregnant at the same time,” Duke answered.

“Well, tell them both congratulations for me,” Annabeth replied.

11-01-15_2-55-54 PM

“Older and hopefully wiser, I will become,” Matias said, before blowing out the candles.

11-01-15_2-46-29 PM

The rest of the night went on, with drinking,

11-01-15_4-02-24 PM


11-01-15_2-46-51 PM


11-01-15_2-37-47 PM

and cake-eating.

11-01-15_4-07-41 PM

The night officially ended at four in the morning, when Cassandra returned to her urn.

11-01-15_4-03-41 PM

The guests streamed out of the house, hoping to get some sleep before they officially had to start the day.

11-01-15_4-04-37 PM

Matias went to bed knowing that all was well in the universe for now, though the storm still loomed on the horizon.

Author’s Note: Here’s a list of all the costumes and who was wearing them, because I know that it was really hard to tell in some of the pictures. I’ll be doing some family tree updates this afternoon, as well as figuring out who Roxana got pregnant with XD

Astronauts- Mindy and Regina

Caterer- Hailey

Happy Clown- Mary Anne

Grim Reaper- Duke

Hot Dogs- Henry David, Lilliana, Waikika, Aidyn, Rayden, Cynthia, Berjes

Maids- Lacie, Nawwaf, Annabeth

Mixologist- Danna

Pizza Delivery Girl- Beatrix

Yoda- Matias

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    1. They are, it’s just too bad that the Star Wars costumes don’t get worn autonomously and at this point I only had the base game so all the kids could wear were hot dog outfits. Made it really hard to tell them apart.

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