The Lost Prince: Chapter 10

After breakfast, Anna had looked out the window to see snow covering everything, and was reminded of a snowman that she had seen in one of her picture books. She ran into her and Elsa’s bedroom, and asked Elsa excitedly, “Do you want to build a snowman?”

“Not now, Anna,” Elsa replied, barely looking up from the book she was reading.

“But- but-,” Anna began to say, noticeably about to cry.

“Why don’t you play with some of your birthday presents?” Elsa suggested.

“Okay,” Anna gave in, feeling defeated. She slumped over as she walked to her toy chest, and pulled out the dolls that Kristoff had given her. She went out into the hallway, and settled herself next to the grandfather clock. She was just pretending that she and Elsa were going to a ball when she heard voices getting louder and louder.

“It is not your village, it is your brother’s village now” the voice exclaimed, then grew quieter again. Anna dropped her dolls and followed the voice, finding herself in front of the door to her parents’ study. She heard something about a “coronation day”, which made her excited, until she heard her own name, followed by the word “spare”.

Even though Anna knew that she wasn’t the smartest child around, she knew what her parents meant about her being a “spare”. At first, she was angry and wanted to shout, until she remembered her sister’s calming words. “If you want to scream and shout, don’t- instead, ignore it and turn to the good things that could happen.” Anna thought about how she could prove to her parents that she was more than just the spare, and decided to go visit her horse Lemondrop, who was named for one of Anna’s favorite sweets- after chocolate, of course. She ran off to get her coat, popping a button off, and slipped on the ice outside and fell, then went out to the stables to convince Kai to give her a riding lesson. The rest of the day was very uneventful, until that night when the Queen came into the girls’ room and questioned them about a few things, and also told them that they would soon be receiving a proper tutor.


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