ATW S2 Chapter 9: Birthday Plans

10-28-15_9-58-35 PM

Matias: My teen birthday party is coming up- what do you think I should do for it??

Berjes: Well, there is a concert happening that evening….

Matias: Did Mary Anne put you up to suggesting that?

Berjes: Maybe.

Matias: Jeez, she needs to figure out that I’m not going to be a music lover like her.

Berjes: So… what is your teen trait going to be?

Matias: You know that we won’t find out until I age up.

Berjes: I know, but I’ve heard of some sims figuring it out or having some sort of “hint” before then….

Matias: Yeah, right. Anyways, do you have any other ideas for my birthday?

Berjes: Nope.

Matias: How about we sleep on this tonight, and tomorrow after school we meet up at the park by my house?

Berjes: Sounds good.


10-28-15_9-36-18 PM

Matias sat outside his house doing homework while he waited for Berjes to get there.

10-28-15_9-51-11 PM

“Hey! What’s up?” Berjes asked.

“You know, nothing much. How about we do some brainstorming?” Matias replied.

10-28-15_9-50-44 PM

“Chess seems to be popular,” Berjes suggested, gesturing towards the sim-filled chess tables.

“We are not hosting a chess tournament.”

“Why not?”

“You know I’m not that smart, and I don’t even like chess.”

10-28-15_9-55-41 PM

“Ooh, I know! You should have a pirate adventure, with a treasure hunt and everything! I would definitely come to that!” Kristofer suggested.

“Hmm… do teenagers do those things?” Matias replied.

“Well, maybe not.”

10-28-15_10-27-28 PM

“How about an obstacle course? That would be fun.”

10-28-15_10-37-12 PM

“Nah, that would be way too easy.”

10-28-15_10-06-34 PM

“What do you think Matias should do for his birthday?” Annabeth asked Cassandra.

10-28-15_10-03-59 PM

“How about a Sims Forever tournament? I’m completely addicted to that game!”

10-28-15_10-04-42 PM

“That’s probably just an excuse for you to haunt everyone’s computers,” Annabeth replied.

10-28-15_10-39-21 PM

“Ugh, I hate this game,” Matias said to himself after Berjes had left. “Hey, I’ve got it! The perfect birthday plan! Now I’ve just got to tell everyone about it so I can make sure that we all have what we need for it….”

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