The Lost Prince: Chapter 9

“This is not good- this is not good at all,” King Agdar muttered, pacing across his study. “Idun, why did you have to give Elsa that music box? Or have her make up her own song- you knew that that would cause trouble didn’t you? I never should have married someone from such an unstructured society, though father thought that it was best. That was our only chance to strike a bond of trust with the other kingdoms and the townspeople- and she ruined it! Why did we have to have two stupid daughters? If we had just had a son the first time, none of this would have happened- none of it!”

“Now, Agdar, please calm down- I’m sure that my sister’s husband doesn’t get this worked up about her,” Queen Idun replied, as calmly as always. “Besides, there were worse girls that you could have been asked to marry from our village- several of them were trained in fighting and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“But that doesn’t matter now, does it? What matters is that we repair the damage that Elsa caused, and bring our kingdom back to its full righteousness. We need to do something to show our power- make everyone think that we are the ones that they need to look out for, not the other way around.” The king thought for a moment, then had an idea. “We should hire a tutor for Elsa and Anna- showing that we use unnecessary extravagancies, and therefore must have money and power.”

The queen was a bit nervous about the idea. “What if the tutor is a spy, or does something terrible to our daughters while we have our backs turned? They could end up brainwashing Anna and Elsa, and would have control of the whole kingdom once Elsa becomes Queen!”

“Which is why we will have our daughters marry before either of them gets to the throne- that way; there will be an able man of our choosing that would be able to detect it if any such thing had happened.”

“Still, I would like to be able to prevent such a thing before it could happen. If we employ a few more guards from the town, and train them ourselves to detect such threats, we could make sure that nothing ever happened in the first place.”

“You know that we can’t afford to train them ourselves, and who ever said that the commoners were more trustworthy than noblemen?”

“Actually, many people have, which is why traditionally those in power married commoners in my village.”

“It is not your village- it is your brother’s village now. This is your empire to rule over, not that of some sheep-herding countrymen.”

“That may be how it appears from the outside, but we have tools that you could never dream of.”

“Most likely, it is your large mouths that make you seem more like beasts than humans. Now, we must start planning marriage strategies before all of the good men are taken. As the heir, it would be preferable for Elsa to marry royalty, but in this case it would be better for her to marry one of our commoners, to show that we are aligned with them. She should be married as soon as possible after she has finished her learning.”

“Very well, as long as she has had a thorough education, preferably with a female tutor.”

“As you wish, Idun.” The king replied, feeling like he had to give in to her. “As for Anna, we will want to marry her off later, in case something happens to Elsa. We should arrange a marriage for her with a prince of another land, assuming that she is still the spare once coronation day comes around.”

The queen heard small footsteps running away from the room, and glanced towards the door. “Agdar, you shouldn’t have been so loud,” she said as she walked towards the door to find out how much the girls knew about their conversation.


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