ATW S2 Chapter 7: Double Trouble

09-27-15_4-47-30 PM

This isn’t too bad of an activity to do while pregnant, and it’s relaxing as well, Hailey thought as she stood with her fishing pole, waiting for something to bite. I mean, if I’m going to be alone during the day I may as well be doing something productive. Then other thoughts started popping into her head. What if this is bad for the baby? Ugh, my back is sore, and my feet hurt too… you know what, I’m going home.

09-27-15_4-46-45 PM

As she walked home, she felt the baby kicking- a lot. Hey, calm down in there! It’s not time yet! 

10-13-15_5-58-09 PM

By the time Henry David got home from work, something was definitely different. “Henry David, it, it, it hurts,” she told him between heavy breaths.

“What? No, you’re not… you’re not that far along yet!”

“Well, I guess it’s time now- just do something!”

10-13-15_6-00-00 PM

“Okay, okay, let me grab the hospital bag-”


“Okay, we’ll just-”

10-13-15_6-00-04 PM

“Ugh, ffff- oh….”

“Plum, it looks like I’m going to be playing midwife.”


10-13-15_6-00-50 PM

“Wow… did I really just finish giving birth to two babies?”

“Yes, you did, and I just did the whole part that the midwife does- maybe I should become a doctor.”

“Eh, how about not.”

“So, what are we going to name them? And how are we going to go about giving birth certificates? We don’t even know if they’re healthy or not!”

“Oh, just calm down- look at this little girl! Isn’t she adorable?”

“Oh my word, why? It’s seriously getting hot in here.”

“Then go turn on the heat… wait, you said you were hot… don’t tell me that you mean that kind of hot.”

“Hey, I figured out a name! We can make the girl Heather!”

“Well, if three of us are going to have names starting with H, then we’d better figure out a boys’ name… how about Harold?”

“Yes! That’s awesome!”

Hailey shook her head. “We’d better get these two up to our room. We can tell Berjes the news in the morning.”

“Wait… we just had two kids, and only have two bedrooms besides ours….”

“That’s what I meant by ‘tell him the news’.”

“Okay, so who’s going to take him in?”

“Um, I don’t know, maybe your sister that he’s always begging to play with?”

“So you want him to pretty much be a big brother for Emerson.”

“Yes, if that’s how you want to think of it.”

10-13-15_6-04-24 PM

“Hey, Harold, I’m Daddy. Wow, you sure do kick a lot. You must’ve been the active one… you’ve got a sister as well, but you probably met her when you were in Mommy’s tummy. Well, I guess you know everyone now, so we can be a nice, happy family, just the four of us.”

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