The Lost Prince: Chapter 7

Elsa sat down at the piano bench that evening, ready to play the piece that she had written for Anna’s birthday. She took the small music box, wound it up, and let it play, remembering when her mother had given it to her for her birthday.

“Elsa, it is proper for a girl to learn music when she comes to this age,” her mother explained with a small smile, “So I am giving this to you to help you along.” She handed Elsa the music box. Inside was a blue, crystal snowflake, the symbol of Arendelle.

Elsa turned the small knob and let it play. The small tune spurred something in her mind, words that she had thought about but she had never written down, let alone said. “I want to learn to play that,” Elsa announced, to her mother’s surprise.

“Very well, but you must learn the basics first.”

After many weeks of struggling, Elsa had finally mastered piano. One day, her mother told her that “you must let your heart decide what you do with the song” and left the room. Elsa wondered what she meant, until she started playing the melody again, this time singing those unspoken words. When she couldn’t think of what she wanted to sing next, she would play random notes and rhythms until she came up with something. Soon, a song started to form, but the only thing she wondered was whether her parents would approve of it.

When she told her mother that she had finished the song, she smiled and exclaimed, “Music is meant to be shared. How about you unveil your song at Anna’s birthday party next month?”

Of course, she couldn’t say no, since this was the queen after all. “Yes, mother,” she said, her heart filled with joy.


Now that all of the guests had been seated in the concert hall, Elsa began to play, though without the words.

Then, when she got to the last verse, she decided to sing:

Let it go

Let it go

And we’ll rise like the break of dawn

Let it go

Let it go

Those perfect ones are gone

And here we’ll stand

In the light of day

Let this storm rage on!

The cold never bothered us anyway

That was when there was an uproar. The queen quickly collected Anna and Elsa and took them to their room, saying “Just go to bed now- your father and I will take care of it.” As Elsa lay in bed that night, she had the feeling that she had just started something.


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