Short Story: The Legend of Spooky Day

A very long time ago, when the Earth first came into existence, it was ruled completely by magic. Of course, there were non-magical creatures as well, but they mostly did the hard labor. The elves were the ones who had the most power, using their magic to reward those who did their duty, and to punish those who did not.


One reward that was only given to the hardest workers was for an elf to take a human as their spouse. This resulted in a high level of cooperation between the two species, and half-human children were not uncommon.

10-05-15_9-41-22 PM

The half-children, as they were called, were encouraged to socialize with both of the species that made up their blood, since both humans and elves placed great value upon their ancestors.

10-05-15_9-44-14 PM10-05-15_9-47-16 PM

The human, elf, and half-children were always friends with each other, never seeing any difference between them that mattered.

10-11-15_6-54-21 PM

Both species were encouraged to develop both their minds and their friendships, both of which led to the downfall of the system.

10-09-15_10-34-10 PM

One half-child discovered something both incredibly powerful and dangerous: how to recreate some of the effects of the elves’ magic without ever possessing magic or any magical instrument himself. He learned to make potions, with various effects, some of which could fill hunger, or provide certain emotional states. At first, he kept this secret hidden, but during experimentation he started to offer the potions to his half-siblings.

10-09-15_10-13-29 PM

Soon he learned that he could make other things, such as toys that didn’t get ruined when he put them in the bathtub, and decided to make these discoveries known to the world. He showed them to the humans first, then to the elves.

The humans were thrilled by these discoveries, as they would enable their freedom from the elves’ strict laws. The elves were not so thrilled, and knew that they needed to rid themselves of the humans before any of these discoveries spread to the other non-magical species.

10-09-15_10-16-23 PM

Their solution was to make a portal to another realm that where the humans could live with their discoveries, separated from the elves, and learn how difficult it would be to live without magic.

10-11-15_2-24-59 PM

However, some of the half-children did not want this change, and argued against it, saying that a solution could be reached that wouldn’t require complete separation.

The debating went on until the trees started changing colors for fall. Finally, a decision was reached: the portal would open for one evening every year, on October 31st, and a piece of magic would be released into the non-magic realm, as well as a piece of technology into the magic realm. After enough time had passed, both realms would have equal amounts of technology and magic, and would be able to join together once again to form an even stronger super-realm.

However, there was one condition that the humans requested, one that would change history forever: any half-child that did not have the elves’ trademark pointed-ears would have to be sent to the human realm.

10-11-15_2-41-13 PM

10-11-15_3-10-32 PM

From that day on, the half-children were no longer safe, and every parent agonized over what shape their child’s ears would develop into.

10-11-15_6-09-01 PM

From that day on, the humans celebrated the day of their liberation by giving out candy and dressing in costumes.

10-11-15_3-06-26 PM-2

10-11-15_3-08-15 PM

From that day on, the elves mourned the loss of their greatest allies through their music and art.

Author’s Note: This was written for the monthly short-story contest on the Sims Forums. The theme for this month was to either do a scary story or a Halloween inspired story.


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