The Lost Prince: Chapter 6

Anna woke up, very excited. She quickly threw on her dress, backwards at first, and braided her hair. Today was her 7th birthday, and there would be children in the palace! “Elsa!” she shouted, “Wake up! Guess what today is!”

“Your birthday?” Elsa asked sleepily.

“Yes! How did you know?”

“Because you’ve been talking about it for weeks, silly,” said Elsa as she carefully got out of bed.

“Elsa, does being ten make you really tired?” Anna asked.

“No- why are you asking?”

“Because you always seem really tired, like you’ve been staying up late when you aren’t supposed to.”

“And how do you know what that feels like?” Elsa asked mischievously.

“Well… I do watch the ships in the harbor from our swing sometimes.”

“I knew you were up to something. Come on, let’s head downstairs. I’m sure that there are lots of presents waiting for you.”


Many children of foreign dignitaries were there, each bringing some sort of extravagant present for the princess. One boy of about 11 made quite the impression on Anna when he gave her a toy traditionally reserved for boys.

“I am Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, giving you this gift of a steel bike,” he said, a bit more enthusiastic than the other children, who had seemed to be reciting lines from memory.

“A bike? What can I do with it?” Anna asked. She had never seen one of these things before.

“Here, I’ll help you. Put your feet on the pedals, sit on the seat, hold on to the handle bars, and off you go!” Hans exclaimed, giving her a push.

“Wee!” Anna shouted, as she zoomed faster and faster, only to crash into a suit of armor at the end of the banquet hall.

“Umm, are you okay?” one of the boys from the village asked, as he helped her up.

“Fine. Who are you? Anna asked, knowing that he hadn’t given her a gift yet.

“Kristoff, of nowhere in particular,” he replied shyly.

“And your present?”

“Oh, of course,” Kristoff replied, fumbling in his leather bag. He pulled out two dolls that resembled Elsa and Anna.

Anna was about to say something a bit more bossy than usual, when her father called everyone outside to the stables.

“For our gift, we have a lovely mare,” the King said, speaking for both him and the queen. One of the grooms led out a gray fjord.

Anna quickly handed the dolls to Elsa as she ran up to pet the pony.

“What will you call her?” the king asked.

“Umm… I don’t really know yet,” Anna replied. “But what I do know is that I love her.”

Author’s Note: Just a random fun fact about this chapter: I wrote it around the time that Frozen Fever was announced, which is where I got the inspiration to use Anna’s birthday as a time-jump. According to WordPress, this is also my 50th post.


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