ATW S2 Chapter 5: Best Brother Ever

This chapter written by Mary Anne Goth

One of the things that brought Mindy and I together was the fact that we were both very close to our families. We both knew that each member of our family had something special about them that separated them from any other sim; making it an honor to be related to them. One of the things we said in our vows was that we would always put family first, and we have always tried to hold ourselves to that standard.

Every afternoon, the two of us would each go back to the home we had grown up in to visit our families. I was all for this, but the one thing that always worried me was whether or not Dad would be home. I knew that he didn’t approve of our relationship, and that scared me in a way. 

I always tried to stay out on the porch or in the entrance to the house so hopefully I wouldn’t have to come in contact with him if he didn’t have practice that day, but was still nervous every time I saw the particular pattern of the wood on the front doors. 

The only person who ever really noticed this was my brother, Henry David. He always tried to be there when I was due to arrive, even if it meant coming home from school early, so that I would be more comfortable. I always told him that it wasn’t necessary, but he did it anyways. He just had that one kind of personality where he knew exactly what you were thinking and how he could help, and he always followed through with the helping part.

You’re probably thinking at this point that he has traits along the lines of good, outgoing, or even cheerful. The only one of those traits that he’s ever had is outgoing, and he didn’t even get that until he became a young adult.

as a child

His first trait as a child was mean. The thing is, he wasn’t that stereotypical mean sim who goes around picking on all of the smaller kids. In fact, the few arguments that we had were started by Annabeth, but that’s just because she’s the bossy older sister. Now that I think about it, the two of them didn’t really get along that well- at one point I remember that Annabeth hid all of the art supplies in our room and Henry David would sneak in to use it while she was showering. I was the only one who knew, but I didn’t really care- I preferred to play outside, pretending I was a trapeze artist on the monkey bars on the front lawn, flipping gracefully over the bars to my favorite music.

Now I’m just getting off-topic. Anyways, being mean was a good thing for Henry David. It meant that he wasn’t afraid to stand up to Annabeth when she did have her bossy moments (I don’t think she would be as successful in the lower levels of business if she hadn’t learned those lessons), and that he could easily laugh off anything bad that happened to him. I remember him having this confidence that I could never muster, always challenging the limits of creativity and social status, and that helped him to become someone who could be respected and admired.

rarely angry

As a teen, he got the bro trait. A lot of people don’t really like this trait for some reason, and I just don’t get it. In addition to having the usual moments of teenage anger, he would also get frustrated from people saying that “he only won homecoming king because he’s popular” and that they “didn’t need more single-sim party-ers hanging around the world”. I was always fairly confident that he wouldn’t just be a guy who sat around watching sports and consuming large amounts of juice all day (he never tried any of the drinks that Mom made), and supported him in trying to change people’s vision of his trait. He found himself a girlfriend, and he never had any sort of late-night party while I was living under the same roof as him.

He once again had the same aspiration as Annabeth- Friend of the World. For him, it wasn’t just about making contacts so he could move ahead in life. It was about showing people that every sim matters, and making life-long bonds.

someone by his side

Finally, he became a young adult. We all felt like we knew that his third trait was going to be outgoing, and we were also fairly certain that him and Hailey would get married, since she had often talked about her dream of finding that one true love. 

08-16-15_10-40 PM

His wedding was much larger than mine, but that was fine by me- between him and Hailey’s contacts, they had maxed out the number of guests that the park could hold, and we had the best time. Here’s to hoping that they will have many more awesome parties in the future.

bro and mean

Now, you’re probably all wondering what this has to do with me, and feeling comfortable. I never really thought to compare my situation to his, but when you think about it, they really are quite similar- others thinking that we’re terrible sims just for simply existing in certain patterns that we can’t control. The main difference that we will always have is the way that we react to this- I will always look to meeting someone else’s expectations, and taking revenge on others for how they have hurt me, really just turning around and treating them the same way that they treated me. He will always do the exact opposite. 

08-20-15_7-41 PM

My brother, Henry David Goth, will always be the person who accepts others, no matter their faults, and will always see the good in their differences. He is what I strive to be every day, and this act of acceptance will always be what I consider complete perfection.


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