The Lost Prince: Chapter 5

A few weeks later, after Anna had been put to bed for the night, Elsa was strolling through the castle, thinking about how much things had changed recently. She wasn’t really paying attention to where she was going, until she heard her parents’ voices. She then realized that she had come to what could be thought of as the central room of the royal family’s private suite. It was warm and cozy from the glow of the fireplace, and this was often where the family gathered when they received a letter from Corona. Usually, they received one about every month, and it had been a month since the accident. Elsa wondered if they had received another letter. She pulled the door open, silently entering the room, where she saw her parents having a discussion over a harmless looking piece of paper.

The queen, noticing Elsa’s presence, looked up and smiled, thus causing her husband to see what that smile was about. “Elsa!” he boomed, “You know that you are not allowed to come in here without being properly escorted by one of the servants!”

“Yes, father, but I was wondering if we have received a letter from Corona-“Elsa explained hastily.

“Why would we want to receive ships or mail from those selfish bastards?! All they ever think about are themselves, and then they pass the blame to us for incidents that could have been prevented!” the king exclaimed, enraged.

“Shh, dear, remember that Anna is sleeping,” the queen said in a calming voice.

“Yes, but Elsa, do not ever mention Corona in this household again, unless we bring it up first,” the king replied, regaining his composure. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, father,” Elsa replied.

“Then you may be dismissed.”

Elsa left the room just as quietly as she had come in, and ended up wandering the halls once more. This time, she ended up in what she and Anna had once called the picture hall, though Anna was no longer allowed inside due to their parents’ fear that she would “cause a snowstorm to come through”. Elsa sat down on one of the numerous benches, looking up at the paintings of lords and ladies at the various parties that had been hosted by the palace. It wasn’t the paintings from her and Anna’s christenings that interested her most, but the fact that there were very few paintings from their parents’ wedding. There were, of course, the usual pictures of the bride and groom exchanging rings, and a portrait of them painted just after the ceremony, but curiously there were no pictures of the reception or her mother’s family. In fact, the topic of the queen’s family was strictly off-limits, even to the townspeople, and talk of them could be severely punished. As she stared at the paintings, Elsa wondered if there was some connection between the various things that were not to be talked about, but banished the thoughts from her head. Showing curiosity was the worst possible thing you can do, and her father was the king- you had to obey him.


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