ATW S2: Special Post-Homecoming Edition

09-27-15_5-18-03 PM

Nawwaf ran over to Lacie, glad to have finally found her. “Are you okay? I mean, when you found out that you got the lowest number of votes-”

“I’m fine,” Lacie answered, cutting off his sentence. “I didn’t expect to win anyways. I knew that getting nominated was just a prank from the start- I mean, no one would ever nominate someone as weird as me.”

“Really? I would nominate you a million times over,” Nawwaf replied.

“Now you’re just being my sweet boyfriend and doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

“Of course it is.”

“How about we go to the library, just the two of us,” Nawwaf replied, hoping that taking a trip to Lacie’s favorite place would help.

“I’m up for it- but only on the condition that we do it on Monday, during school.”

“Fine,” Nawwaf replied, hoping that this was going to be worth it.

09-27-15_4-32-15 PM

“Looks like we’ve got this place all to ourselves,” Nawwaf said as they sat down in the currently-empty library.

09-27-15_4-33-32 PM

Lacie replied by giving him a heated kiss.

09-27-15_4-33-48 PM

“Hey, what’re you-!” Nawwaf protested as Lacie started tickling him.

“That was for questioning whether I was okay or not,” Lacie responded.

09-27-15_4-33-54 PM

“And this,” Lacie said, stretching her arm over Nawwaf’s shoulder, “Is to tell you that I will always love you.”

something to ask you

As the teens got up to leave, Lacie took Nawwaf’s hand in her own. “I have something to ask you.”

“Okay,” Nawwaf replied, hoping that it wouldn’t take too long.

once we're old enough

“Once we’re old enough, will you marry me?” Lacie whispered into his ear.

“How could I possibly say no to someone like you?” Nawwaf replied.

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