The Lost Prince: Chapter 4

That afternoon, Anna decided to take a look around the castle. Leaving Elsa back in the playroom with Gerda, she sneaked off, looking for something interesting to do. She reached a set of stairs that went round and round, and seemed to be endless. She saw it not as the decoration that it was intended to be, but as a very large and very fun toy. The railing was wide enough that it could easily hold her; the only problem was that she wasn’t couldn’t quite reach it to pull herself up. She looked around the hallway for something that she could use to climb up. She spotted a bench with what looked like a plush cushion on it, and eagerly pushed it to the base of the railing. After a few tries, she managed to climb it, noticing that the cushion was quite a bit firmer than it seemed at first sight. As she stepped forward to get to the railing, she noticed that this was a very springy cushion, and started bouncing! Anna jumped a couple of times, and on the third she landed on the railing, and started sliding down fast! “Wee!” she screamed, while holding on to the edges of the railing for dear life. Her skirt was up and her pigtails were flying, but she was having the best time of her life. When she finally reached the bottom of the staircase, she landed on the floor with a heavy thud.

“What in the world?” the voice of her father boomed as he came around the corner from the throne room. Noticing Anna sprawled on the floor, he shouted for his wife. “Idun! Get this filthy brat of a daughter off of the floor right now!”

The queen strode purposefully towards them, and gently picked up Anna off of the floor. “Calm down, Agdar, while I take her upstairs.”  She started to go up the stairs while the king mused to himself about “the discipline of children these days”.

Anna looked up at her mother’s sad but smiling face, noticing the glittering diamond tiara on her head. The queen noticed, and set the tiara on her daughter’s head. “There. Now you’re a proper princess, at least by their definition.” Instead of leaving Gerda to deal with Anna, she gave the girl a bath herself, and then put her down for a nap. “Good night, my sweet princess. I love you. And I’m sorry.”


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