The Lost Prince: Chapter 3

When they returned to the castle, Anna was put to bed, but Elsa was called into her father’s study.

“Yes?” Elsa asked as she stepped into the room.

“Elsa,” her father said, “Since the accident, there are going to have to be a few changes around here. First of all, there will be no more leaving the castle grounds- if you wish to go outside, you may go in the courtyard. Secondly, you need to remember that Anna doesn’t have any memories, so you will need to teach her your name and anything else that she may need to know. But she can’t know about Jack or the accident. You can tell her that she has a cousin named Rapunzel, the Crown Princess of Corona, but don’t tell her that Rapunzel is sick- it will only make things worse.

Thirdly, your mother and I have decided that if you are going to be the Crown Princess of Arendelle, you need to act like it. That means no more running around and playing, no leaving the castle grounds without an escort, and daily lessons with your mother. You will be responsible for teaching these things to Anna when she gets older, but they aren’t as important for her as they are for you. You will be the one that everyone in Arendelle will be watching, so you must act ladylike at all times.” The King opened a small box that was sitting nearby. Inside the box was a pair of soft, cotton gloves. “You must wear these at all times. Whenever you must make a decision or make a questionable action, look at them and remember that you mustn’t do what is best for you, but what is best for the kingdom. Because in the end, what is best for the kingdom is best for you.”

Elsa took the gloves from her father and slipped them onto her small hands. “What happens when my hands get too big for them?” she asked.

“Showing curiosity is the worst possible thing you can do.” Her father said sternly, pulling open the door. “You had best be getting back to your room, for Anna will be waking up soon.”


Elsa entered the bedroom, quietly closing the door behind her. She jumped with surprise when she heard Anna’s small voice behind her.

“Hi, I’m Anna, who are you?” she asked.

“I’m Elsa, your sister,” Elsa replied, sitting down on the bed next to Anna. “Do- do you remember anything?”

“Well, I guess you’re my sister, and I think we have a mom and dad, and we live in this big, huge castle. And I really like playing in the snow,” Anna stated excitedly.

“Yes, all of that is true,” Elsa confirmed. “We are the princesses of Arendelle, and our mom and dad are the king and queen. One day, I will be the queen, and we will marry handsome princes.”

“When do we meet them? Are they coming here? Are they gonna live with us and we’re gonna have lots of kids running around?”

“We won’t meet them until we’re old enough to do all of that.” Elsa replied calmly, taking off Anna’s coat.

“Can we go outside then?” Anna asked.

“No, it’s too cold today. But we can play inside.”

Suddenly, the door flew open, and in came a very jolly woman in the grey uniform of the palace staff. “Hello, girls!” she called, in almost a song-like voice.

“Good morning, Gerda,” Elsa replied politely. “Anna, this is our nanny, Gerda.”

“Hi!” Anna shouted, running over to hug Gerda.

“Well, hello to you, too, my dear,” Gerda said with a small chuckle. “Now, you need to get some clothes before lunch.”

Elsa grabbed one of Anna’s dresses from the closet, and helped Gerda in dressing her younger sister.

“Thank you for helping, Elsa,” Gerda said as she escorted the girls to lunch.


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