ATW S2 Chapter 3.5

The Goth Prep Gazette: Special Homecoming Edition

It’s getting cooler, the football fields are occupied, and everyone’s getting back into school. You know what that means- it’s time for homecoming!

Interestingly enough, previous homecoming king and queen winners Henry David Goth and Hailey Kroft both have younger siblings who have been nominated for this same title is. The question is, will their families win king and queen, or will a previously unknown name take this honor? More importantly, who will you vote for?

This year’s nominees are:


Nikki homecoming

Nikki Decker

Helen homecoming

Helen Weeks

Lacie homecoming

Lacie Fisher

Clementine homecoming

Clementine Montano

Beatrix homecoming

Beatrix Goth


Gideon homecoming

Gideon Osborn

Lionel homecoming

Lionel Randall

Derek homecoming

Derek Sharpe

Spencer homecoming

Spencer Kroft

Warren homecoming

Warren Cumming

That’s it for this issue, and remember to vote for homecoming king and queen!

Author’s Note: I tried to make a survey for this, however there was an issue where the first question wasn’t showing up. If I can get it working, I will put it here, otherwise I will randomize the results.

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