ATW S2 Chapter 3: An Email from Gabrielle

new email

Life had been crazy since school started, and now that he finally had a weekend with nothing going on, there was nothing for Nawwaf to do.

“Mom’s on a date with Stuart, Lacie has to watch her brother, Gabrielle’s off at University, I’ve got my homework done, and we don’t have enough money to buy any more wood,” Nawwaf said to himself, trying to think of anything else that he could do. “Well, since I can’t think of anything productive, I guess I’ll go and play some Sims Forever.”

Just as he was about to complete the gnome-burner achievement, the game froze. “No! What are you doing, computer? I was about to complete that!” Then the desktop screen showed up, along with a friendly little box saying that Sims Forever had stopped responding.

Nawwaf banged his head against the keyboard in frustration. “This. Stupid. Computer. Is. Worthless.” he muttered, before hearing a ding. Lifting his head up to look at the screen, he saw that a notification had appeared in the corner: You have 1 new email from Gabrielle Boston.

“An email!? From Gabrielle!? Yes!” Nawwaf shouted, before clicking on the notification to be taken to his inbox.


Our first year just ended, and it’s been really crazy. Our dorm got all A’s, and Dean made us a hamburger cake to celebrate (fyi, hamburger cake is just a normal cake that’s shaped like a hamburger and that costs more to make because of all the extra frosting that you use, and doesn’t taste anything like a hamburger). We also totally beat Redwood Dorm once again. I hope that this doesn’t give more fuel to their fire- one of the guys had actually tried to destroy Adelaide’s art equipment so he could do better than her. Don’t worry, if any of them mess with me or anyone else in our dorm I’ll use my voodoo doll on them (aspiring politicians have to use a bit of mischief sometimes, right?). 

I should probably tell you about everyone in our dorm. Adelaide is our painter, and she also used to be really shy, until Noah got her out of her shell more. Noah is really awesome, and he also likes Lookout!. They’re actually doing a second season. Maybe I’ll be able to watch it on the T.V. in our living room (too bad you have to watch using that constantly-buffering computer). Then there’s Piper- she’s our tough girl. She’s super-competitive with Bobbi since they’re both fine arts majors, and a lot of times they’ll be shouting about who-knows-what. Bobbi is probably the girl that I know the best, and I’m going to tell you a little secret: she actually tried to hit on Noah, but asking him to be your fitness trainer probably isn’t going to do it. I mean, almost everyone who was doing fitness for their general studies this year was trying to get him to help them. The other guy in our dorm is Neil, and unfortunately I don’t know much about him except that his major is Environmental Engineering. You two should really meet each other. 

Oh, and remember that one really funny selfie that you sent me of you and Lacie? I kind of received it during our first Greenwood Gathering, so I’m sitting there trying not to laugh but I had way too big of a smile on my face. Technically it was my fault that we were there, since someone got mad at me for not doing the dishes. It’s not me fault that we throw all of our stuff into the trash compactor. Maybe they’ll add a dishwasher during the kitchen remodel over break. Did I mention that we’re getting a new student next year? She’s a culinary major, which is why they’re doing a kitchen remodel. I think Noah was kind of mad that we’re getting another girl, since we only have two guys in our dorm. I would prefer another guy as well, mostly so there’s less shouting and drama. I mean, Bobbi’s awesome, but some of those times when her and Piper were downstairs arguing I just had to go up to my room to resist shouting at them to quit it. I think that things are going to be better between them next year- I mean, Piper and Adelaide are kind of friends now since they worked on a project together one weekend, so I don’t see why Piper and Bobbi can’t get along decently.

Now I realize that I haven’t explained what a Greenwood Gathering is. It’s where all of us students gather around somewhere and talk about problems or projects, or we just hang out. One time we sat in the hot tub and Noah told this really weird ghost story. It’s about as big as our pool, except it’s above ground, super warm, and SO RELAXING. The hot tub, that is, not the ghost story. We accidentally stayed up all night when Dean had told us not too stay up too late. Whoops.

Anyways, this email has probably been long enough. Tell Mom I said hi.

Bye for now,


Author’s Note: Gabrielle is currently at Briarwick University on Summerfalls’ hard drive. You can read about the events in her email and more by clicking here

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10 thoughts on “ATW S2 Chapter 3: An Email from Gabrielle

  1. So exciting to read about this on other people’s blogs! And cute to see Gabrielle explain her actions from her side. I wrote a four post mini thing about Piper home on break. She can’t wait for year two

    It’s fun to collaborate with Joel, he does a wonderful job with them!

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